Some thoughts on 2015 US Open

I’m sitting here watching the US Open at Chambers Bay. And while the course looks fantastic and the scenery beautiful, Gary Player sums up my thoughts:

I’ll also add that the coverage and commentary are painful*. Too many adverts, too much talking and way too much footage that’s not relevant. I can only hope it improves as we get closer to finding a winner.

* The ball tracker technology is excellent. Gives us all great insight to how the pros move the ball through the air.


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  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply June 21, 2015

    You never die wondering with Gary Player. Great stuff.

  • Don Hutchison

    Reply Reply June 25, 2015

    I enjoyed reading and then listening to all the opinions on the subject. However, I asked among the players at my local club on Sunday and Wednesday what they felt. My questions were are you watching the Open? Are you enjoying it?

    Answers To bloody right, 100% yes.

    Then on Wednesday, what was your over all opinion of the whole exercise? Would you like to see that course used again? Would you like to have a game there?

    Ans 1 Bloody marvellous .
    Ans 2 Yes indeed, however, there do need to be some changes made, not to the course itself but the management of the event.
    Ans 3 My oath.

    I would have to agree with these results. I make no observations other than the whole exercise did something good for the game of golf.

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