Dear Golfer,

You might think that my game is perfect – that I don’t make mistakes and enjoy blissful golf each time I stroll the fairways.

Let’s get one thing straight.

I’ve made a tonne of mistakes. I’ve learned the hard way. And at times I’ve doubted my ability to even hit the ball. I can be hard on myself, but sometimes I really was a useless waste of space.

Like the time I took 12 strokes on the last hole of the Club Championships. Why did this happen?

I wish I could tell you exactly. It was certainly embarrassing and caused me a fair bit of grief around the club (like getting a letter for slow play and then getting more upset).

There was another time when I was playing some great golf, only to get fooled (conned?) into taking some golf lessons from a new golf coach. I lacked any resemblance of self-belief and trust in my game so I took on-board everything this pro told me. Got taken hook, line and sinker. Not only did it cost a heap of coin (about $500+ for the lessons), I wasted months of time and effort and had not much to show for it. Only a higher handicap, a sore back (from trying to swing in a weird way) and a level of frustration that makes me ill just thinking about it.

And there are too many times to remember where I would choke and stuff up under the pump. This choking was almost default mode for me. Typically, the more important the game, the more I would choke. I hardly ever played well when it really mattered.

And I still make mistakes. I’m human. But unlike those earlier days I can spot them before they do any serious damage. I’ve got some techniques for not letting the game get away from me.

I’d like you to learn from my mistakes and complete stuff ups. Understanding them now could help you make significant progress in your game. Help you avoid wasting years (like I did) and all that effort.

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]If you watch and apply my best lessons you will.[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

Let me tell you more about it.

A little while ago I was asked what would be the best lesson I could give. It was a good question that I pondered for sometime.

Eventually I came up with something that I consider to be my best golf lesson. It’s the exact stuff I’d teach anyone, whether they be a PGA Tour star or a regular club golfer.

This lesson cuts through all the garbage of traditional golf. It helps you throw away the tips and quick-fixes that have probably failed you, and gets you focused on the stuff that is really going to help you succeed. It’s more than telling you what to do – it gives you the insider knowledge on what to avoid and HOW to activate your automatic learning system.

What you’ll receive is over an hour’s worth of video content that will transform your game.

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  • How to concentrate properly so you don’t let distractions get the better of you
  • How to avoid those horrible blow up holes that destroy score and your confidence
  • How to overcome nervousness and self-doubt and inject a steady dose of belief into your system
  • The biggest mistakes that nearly every golfer makes when they get to the golf course – this error is so common I dedicate an entire video to it.
  • How to take your game from the practice fairway (where you always swing well) to the 1st tee and play better golf than you’d ever thought possible.
  • How to play your best golf more of the time.
  • Plus more

I’ve referred to this as the “gun to my head” lesson. Why? Because if I had only one lesson to give that absolutely would guarantee results then this would be it.

This is the exact lesson I’d give anyone, whether they’re a PGA Tour champ (like Aaron Baddeley) or a weekend warrior, looking for a way to break 100.

I’m so convinced that this lesson will transform your golf I’m willing to let you have it for only $1.

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[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]Casestudy:[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

This is the exact stuff that has turned me into a consistent golfer. Where once I would choke, get nervous and play like an idiot, I now have a level of mastery.

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  • Drive to the golf course feeling good about my game
  • Play better under pressure instead of worse
  • Play consistent golf without having to spend hours working on the game
  • Develop the skills to trust my swing
  • Optimise the chances of playing remarkable golf

Why am I giving you access to this great product for only $1?

Here’s the thing. I created this lesson last year and I’m super pleased with it. The information is concise and easy to understand. It works a treat and will get you out of any golfing slump. Watch the content once and I’m 100% positive that you’ll take away enough to have you playing better golf immediately. Bottom line? Apply the lessons and you’ll play better golf.

I haven’t tried that hard to sell or promote this lesson. Not sure why, but golfers tend to be more interested in quick-fixes and other stuff. But my latest blog post has changed my mind. The content here has really generated some interest and I thought you’d be interested in seeing the full story on how to apply automatic golf to your game.

When you “get” Automatic Golf it really is like playing on auto pilot. It’s the simplest and easiest way to play the game. But before you reach that point there’s some fundamentals to learn. In particular, learning how to deal with that inner voice in your head (I call him Pesky) and stopping your over active mind. These videos (and bonus content) cover all the issues in full. Basically, you’re learning from all my mistakes and getting your hands on the good stuff.

Here’s what you get.

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[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]Automatic Golf Learning System [/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

The Automatic Golf Fast Start Video (33 minutes) – the most important video you’ll watch this year
Common Mistakes Video (5.35 minutes) – Don’t make these common mistakes with automatic golf
Automatic Success Video #1 (6.15 minutes) –  See the best way to apply automatic golf from the 1st tee
Automatic Success Video #2 (6.58 minutes) – See my winning formula in action
Automatic Success Video #3 (12.28 minutes) – Witness the best automatic golfer I’ve ever seen. This guy is truly amazing.

Case study: (4.18 minutes) How to use automatic golf to drive the ball powerfully and accurately from the tee.

Automatic Golf FAQ – the most common questions I receive about Automatic Golf and how to overcome any issues.

I’d also like to give you access to my book, The Golfer’s Nightmare. In a way, this is the written version of all thevideos. It also gives you a deeper knowledge of Automatic Learning and my story. If you read the book and watch the videos you’ll know more about learning and golf improvement than most of golf pros. You’ll be an expert in Automatic Golf and be ready to apply the rules to your game.

You also get digital access to my two best audio products, Remarkable Golf and Golf Domination. Normal value for these two products is $70 +

I’d also like to include a bonus audio. It’s approx 40 minutes long and is an interview I did with one of Australia’s best coaches. I go into some awesome detail about my trip to Scotland and give you insight how I was able to play some of the best golf of my life. This was despite having played no golf leading up to the trip (due to a broken hand). My story will hopefully serve as inspiration into the power of automatic golf when it’s applied correctly.

Finally, I’ve also included my Automatic Golf Fast Start and Trouble Shooting guides. [/features_box_yellow]

If you’ve dabbled with the idea of playing auto golf but haven’t yet taken the step, then this is now your chance. This content has everything you need to unlock your potential and start playing your best golf.

I’m offering you a trial price of $1. For $1 you get full and immediate access to the digital content (there’s nothing physically posted to you) for 14 days.

Why 14 days? Because this is enough time to try Automatic Golf and apply it to your game. You’ll hopefully be playing more consistently and have experienced a significant breakthrough.

If the video, book and all the content doesn’t live up to your expectations then you pay no more. I’ll even refund your dollar.

Start now for $1

Pay $1 now
Pay $29 after 14 days – this gives you lifetime access to the content and all future updates.

Start now for $1

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