The backswing must be controlled by your hands and arms. Take the club away from the ball with your hands and the rest of the body will respond in perfect sequencing. Focusing on your ‘big muscles’ too early into the swing gets you into an over rotated and incorrect position.

Over rotation is the single biggest cause of bad backs, slice balls and high handicaps around the world. Big muscle thinking complicates an already difficult game further.

Human have adapted to have perfect control of their hands. This is how we function through everyday life. Our hands lead the way and the rest of the body follows. The golf swing does not need to be any different.

A word on swing plane:

My advice is to forget about swing plane. Thinking about your swing plane during a golf swing has no positive effect on your game.

Science has shown that the plane of the swing is closely matched on the backswing and downswing. The differences are so minuscule that no golfer alive has the dexterity or skill for perfect control.

If you take the club away from the ball with your hands, the rest of the swing will fall into place. The body will follow the lead and the club will be swung on a plane that will enable you to hit the ball with power. There is not much more you can do!

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