I went to a presentation tonight on golf statistics.

Some great technology and all very interesting but I’m not sure if what I saw will help many golfers.

The computer basically had a complicated way of saying that the short-game is vitally important. Probably why USA coaches have been calling it the scoring game for ages.


If you can’t go onto the golf course and play free from fear, analysis and conscious control, then all the stats in the world will not help you.

Statistics can be interesting but I don’t need a computer to tell me I should practise my chipping.

Lastly. The big problem is to know what to do with the data. If you’re told you need to stop missing your driver to the right, what do you do? Much of modern golf instruction has failed golfers in this area.

I think I’ll leave the statistics to people way smarter than me. My automatic game suits me fine.

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  • Steady

    Reply Reply December 4, 2009

    Hi Cam
    Stats are an american culture subject.They love it. They think that you
    have to hit so many gir( greens in regulation), scrambling, putts per round,
    fairways hit etc, that you can identify a weakness and make it a stonger part
    of your game by practicing harder. Here we go again on the merry go round.
    This hasn’t helped a golfer play better. WHY? Because he is practicing the
    wrong thing. Instead of automating his/her game they practice something
    that can’t hold up under pressure.
    I remember playing with a guy who had a 9 metere chip and run. He duffed it.
    He was so angry becuase he said he had practiced 150 chip shots the day
    before. What a waste of time.
    Learn to automate your game and you can play under pressure when needed.
    Stats may identify a weakness but doesn’t bring your score down. Automatic bring
    your score down.

  • Tony Lucas (Lukey)

    Reply Reply December 4, 2009

    Steady & Caam
    I agree hole heartily on the myth of stats because as already stated if you putted and chipped shit all day you dont need stats.I had a game with my best mate here some time ago and was not going very well when he made the comment that I was making some poor decisions to wit I replied name one day that you played really badly and made good decisions.Thus I feel if I can continue to play auto golf those decisions will not abound.
    Cheers Lukey

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