Stub Your Toe Effect

Listen to the audio below to get some perspective on golfing mistakes and the odd really bad game of golf.

I think sometimes (maybe all of the time) that us crazy golfers get carried away cash payday loans and panic when we make a mistake. I also think that the true masters rarely panic. They see mistakes as part of the game and simply get on with things.

Here’s the audio file:

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  • Adam

    Reply Reply June 20, 2014

    Nicely done cameron. Stubbing your toe hurts for a bit but once it goes away we usually continue walking. We dont analyse how we walk or how to not stub our toe again. We walk. If you have a bad round it may hurt for a bit but you have to keep on walking. Most people decide to stress over a bad round (which most have a lot of but the ones im talking about are those that frustrate the crap out of you) and generally worry about what they did wrong. First off, you cant go back and change that round, so theres no point in stressing over it. Second, its just one round out of 1000s that you will play in your life. Its not the end of the world. Its a learning experience.

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