Just some of the many testimonials and endorsements that I’ve received. The following are letters and emails I’ve received and come to you unedited (read: they’re real 🙂 ). I’ve removed surnames where anonymity was required. If you feel like telling me your thoughts I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me to do so.

World’s Best Putter

“Cameron Strachan turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest.

“Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments.

“I believe that Cameron’s Perfect Putting System will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength”.

Aaron Baddeley – PGA Tour Star

Shot a par round

Have been playing frustrating golf for a long time. That is until I read your literature on “letting it happen naturally”. I had been looking for something like this and had found quite a great deal of jargon which was’nt simple enough for me to show interest. However your book(s) are very easy to understand and make a lot of common sense to me.

So much so that I read your stuff 2 days ago and without building gradually with your short drills etc., I went to the short nine hole course just next to where I live (which I rarely play as it is a little short for me). The result was that I parred the nine holes after never having got any closer than eight over! I just let go, the ball just seemed to go where it should. I was playing for a little over a hour, and what amazed me the most was that it was the quietest hour of golf I have ever played. I had’nt thought about it until I had finished, it was remarkable how relaxed I was.

David Murphy, Victoria, Australia

Looking forward to the future with gusto!

Hi Cam,
Just wanted to flick you a quick note, yesterday I had a round and I’ve never hit the ball so pure (on the range I have) not in a comp . Driver with power and a 4ft draw , irons & wedges into greens were heat seeking , 43pts (76otb) gone from 11 to a 9 and this is only after 1 week with your literature well 2 if you count the breeze over, on first reading it . Putting the drills into practice and then having only one swing cue on the course has got me hungry again to improve further. Looking forward to the future with gusto!

Many thanks and kind regards
Stu, WA

More enjoyment

Now as I explained a few weeks ago, since I’ve been using AG my enjoyment for the game is on another planet, I don’t beat myself up anymore when I hit a bad shot, my ball striking has improved.
I also know that my game plan for golf has changed.. I now go for everything because of how I feel about the shot (enjoyment,ball striking and not beating myself up when I hit a bad shot). Sanj, UK

Best round in 5 weeks

Hi Cameron, Got your book day before comp day, so only had time to implement the singing process. While I had some bad shots, I was free to move on & hit the next ball well. I had best round in 5 weeks & stableford points 38 (15 points better then the best in last 5 rounds). I felt really good about myself & really enjoyed the game. Will go back to the book & start on the first parts of your learning process. Remarkable, thanks so much. Greg.

Drove over 300 metres

“Hello Cameron, I have been a reader of your stuff for quite a while now …
Recently I bought the “Golfer’s Nightmare’ book and all of a sudden it all started to fall in to place.
In the space of 3 rounds of golf my handicap has gone down to 15, I drove my first ever drive over 300 metres and played my home course in 77 (par 70), the best gross score I have had in more than 25 years.
I am 67 years old and never thought that I could manage to do this with my back problem … by reading your book and applying the principles of ‘automatic’ has me a very happy golfer”.

Jeff R

Best in the world

“Cam, you are without doubt the best golf teacher/instructor/inspirer in the world!”

Terry, QLD, Australia


“The article is beautiful! … this is a very good reminder that much of what goes wrong in regular sport play really is a matter of chance. Very nice.”

Jeff Simons, Professor of Sports Psychology, California State University

I’m a tool

reading Secret Confessions of a Rogue Golf Coach. Amazing! I can’t stop reading. I got to a 12 handicap … trying to go lower I took lessons, read golf mags. What a tool because I’m now on 17. Your book has me busting to get back and play. I became so frustrated i nearly gave golf away. I have a natural low fade. I hate the shape it goes long but I’m trying to hit draws. Bad mistake the fade is as long as the guys that hit draws. I’ts now go with it i have more control with the fade. I still have a few weeks from golf with a damaged hand but im busting to get back
thanks Cam
Trevor Turner, Western Australia

My best ever score

Hi Cameron,

Just to say thanks.

Today I scored 42 on the back 9 at Yas Links Abu Dhabi a notoriously difficult course here in the UAE, my best ever score and the third time I have tried your techniques on the course. The game was effortless, enjoyable and free of tension thanks to your guidance. No lost balls, no bunkers, no hazard, no water and some great ball striking.

Simon Hutcheson

Better putting, more confidence and playing your game

Dear Cameron,

Many thanks for your interest. Yesterday was a teams event, four ball stableford with a member from each handicap division. I made about
5 three pointers and lipped out for two birdies. Overall I hit the ball with reasonable confidence and putted more confidently getting the ball up to the hole more consistently. I have read all the information that I have received from you including your blog. My foursomes partner is a real drinker and he tried to stay sober for the final. At halfway we were 3 down, and he said “I should have git blotto last night like I normally would. so, despite myself I encouraged him to have a few schooners at break and we came back to win 4and 3. I am trying to count so that I am not telling myself all the time it doesn’t matter when my mind knows it does. I am going away on holiday to South America, alas no golf, and I will, if you wish keep you abreast of progress when I return to golf. Regards Cecilia

Reduced handicap by two and scored 75 off the stick!

Hi Cameron

A quick note to thankyou on your tips. This is the first time I have replied but must say you simplicity has helped. This is my second ‘lesson’ and have taken onboard your playing advice. Played Monday and reduced my gross by 4 shots and today reduced my gross score by 5 shots having 75 off the stick, very happy. Keep informing me, I wll probably hit the brickwall sometime but have reduces my H/C by 2 strokes, again thanks Bill

Amazing results

Hi – just for your info – I had started to do this over the past three weeks and have found a huge improvement (before even knowing who Cameron Strachan is). Same for putting: no practice putts and amazing results.

Hey – this is probably why people play well after a break – no expectations (playing on auto pilot). Later, they start to take themselves seriously. Leon

A convert

Thanks for your perfect putting; I read it and didn’t believe a word of it. But I’m the worst putter imaginable …even putting one handed to overcome the yips and it worked to some extent. So being completely desperate, I tried your ‘natural’ method and I’m a convert. Only had one round with it so far but did not have ONE three-putt!!!. I look forward to continued improvement! Thanks, Bill D

A better putting game by a Champion Golfer

“I would have to say that putting was not a strength in my golf game however after reading this book and putting Cameron’s exercises into practice my putting game has improved dramatically and I’ve reduced my handicap from 5 to 3. I encourage anyone who has trouble with putting to read this book and try Cameron’s methods. I know they have helped me and I’m sure they will help many more who adopt them.” Sarah Little, 6 time Club Champion, Royal Sydney Golf Club.

Losing shots all over the place

Hi Cameron,

I feel compelled to write to you to let you know how happy I am with your Bio Swing package.

Like a lot of golfers I struggle to play consistantly to my handicap, and recently I have been playing to 10 strokes over it. (Yuk!)
When I found out about your golf science web site through a golf magazine, I couldn’t wait to check it out.
Upon reading all the information I was pretty sure this was the way to go, and you weren’t some slick yankee trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of my wallet, I could tell you were acting in the best interests of golfers.

I couldn’t read all the information in the 3 days before my next round, so I just read the “play your way book” and your free putting book (Giving this away for free; are you crazy! It should be part of the whole package.)
I had a question about implementing the putting routine you suggested, and you responded quickly so I could use it in my next round.

I took 4 strokes off my putting straight away and a total of 10 strokes of my round for the first time in months!

I was understandably estatic about this and proceeded to read all the books, they’re short and too the point. Once again you got asked more questions from me to clear my mind about what to do, and once again you responded promptly.

The next weekend I went out and took another five strokes off my score! Wow a total of 15 strokes off my game in just two weeks – sensational!

You say to give Bio Swing a go for three full rounds and you should see a difference, well I can’t wait until next time I play, who knows what I’ll be shooting by then!

I’m a 100% convert to Bio Swing, it definitely is the swing of the future.

Thanks again Cameron,

Sincerely Patrick.


Hi Cameron, thanks for all the information, it is really great and encouraging. Due to committments, I have been unable to have a game of golf and put your teachings to work, but I hope may be a game this and the following Fridays will start it. On sunday the 9th Nov, I am off to Perth visiting my family there for a month, with a couple of games over there. I will let you know the progress when I get back. Again thanks for your involvement with me. John B

Dropped 6 shots from handicap

Hi Cameron
I’ve been reading your mesages and instructions for abour 4 weeks now and in that time I have dropped 6 shots off my handicap. How..? firstly I have stopped thinking about the mechanics of my swing whilst playing golf and it is amazing how naturally the swing just happens. Secondly, I have adopted your stand over the putt, and putt technique and relied on my instincts on how I have read the put from behind and then executed the next shot. There have been times when I have even amazed myself.
Thanks for the help

Putting and general putting improvement


5 weeks ago I read your documents on the golf swing and putting.

My first outing was not that great and I played over my handicap of 27.

A week later I won the day with 42 points and 2.4 off my handicap in one go. My putting was the amazing part – 1.6 putts on average where I normally average between 1.9 and 2.

The week after this I played with some very low handicappers – off 3,
6 and 9 – it must have freaked me out a bit as I played poorly but it taught me to trust my swing and putting and just do it.

So last weekend out I went again, now off 25. I shot 5 under and again won the day. With my partner (off 9) we had 51 points so combined really well. Again my putting was good (1.8 average) but my driving and irons shots were very good.

I think the biggest thing for me is to know how far a “normal” putting stroke will hit the ball – so a backswing to my back foot and follow through gives me about 6 “steps” (ie. six of my normal steps – about 6
metres) – and then I use the trust of my subconscious to pick the line
– I take a quick look behind the ball, do not pick a spot to aim at
(purposely) and then just step up and hit the ball. I rarely two putt now and feel confident to get them in from 3 metres. I have hit them in from 9 and 10 metres away and the ball is a perfect pace.

Anyway, lots more to do with my objective to be off 18 by July. I joined Windsor Golf Club last September 2008 (7 months ago) having played when I was 12 years old by visiting my grandparents in Katoomba every month – so had a swing but was really mid-30 handicapper when I started.

Thank you, the mind-set is the best thing and I am trying to save up for your book set – 4 off my handicap in 3 weeks – sounds good!

Good luck and if you are around Castlehill, Windsor or just in Sydney, please drop me an email – happy to take you for a round.

Windsor Golf Club, NSW, Australia

Best Putting Round Of My Life

I did have the best putting round of my life
11 putts on the 1st nine holes, normally I have at least two three putts!
Tom Robinson

It Works!

It’s pretty easy to endorse a product such as Cameron’s. Why? Because it works. I have been a golf tragic for 10 years. I bought just about every book and dvd on the swing that you could imagine. Just like you I read, studied and practiced all the while trying to improve, only to end in tragedy of phone numbers on my score card .

Having gotten my handicap down to 14 I went to see Cameron for a personal lesson. I’d had enough. All that hard work for a worse result. With his guidence, after 2 years I got my handicap down to 5.
You see golf magazines, golf pro’s and the golfing industry itself want you, the poor golfer to keep coming back to them for help, as this keeps their pockets full with your money.
It’s funny how in the last 100 years golf with golf instruction, technology of clubs and balls, slow mo computer generated simulation models that the average handicap has not improved. Why ? Simply we have a merry-go-round learning system that keeps hackers/suckers coming back for more. Don’t get me wrong there is a place for fundamentals but not such a one sided, one measure fits all, type of instruction.
I remember Cam talking about the automatic process and how it works best for me. Then I got to thinking about golf instruction, how it seems to be a cookie cutter system ie one size fits all. Gay Brewer the 1967 Masters winner had the worst looking swing ever, use to hook the crap out of the ball, yet he won a major. WHY?
In itself you can have all the instrution in the world yet if it doesn’t suit you or your swing you will only be as good as your body and mind lets you. A great example is Jim Furyk. One golf commentator desribed his swing as someone stuck in a phone booth with an axe trying to kill a snake. However in the case of going automatic(walk to the ball through to completetition of the swing) your subconscious swings the club for you. It suits you and your body type.
Not to long ago I asked my son to call out shots before my walk to the ball ie high fade/draw low fade/draw etc out of 10 I hit those shots i hit 9 at will. It just goes to show that you have the talent/potential but you must be willing to let the automatic process ( walk to the ball till completition of the shot) have it’s way.
I swing the club like I use to play tennis. This is what works for me.
I use to train in military style boxing called oppugnate. My trainer recognised that I was so right side dominant, that this was my major strength, he never mentioned it was a weakness. He saw an individual trait in me and used it a strong point.So from then on I swing the golf club like I use to play tennis, very very right handed. Don’t try this your self as YOU have to find what works. 99% of golf instructers will say that his is wrong but stuff them it WORKS for ME. Golf pros bend your knees $30 please.
What you have to find is the automatic process YOUR SWING and marry the two. The 2 then become 1 4 life.
I can’t tell you how fortunate it is to finally get rid of the straight jacket, the golf industry tries to put us in. Now I play the way I want to play.
If your considering using Cameron’s system. You have nothing to lose and a great golf game to gain.

John Stead – NSW Australia

Took action and found success


After reading your story on the beginnings of your golfing career, this brought to mind a similar experience that a friend and I went through.
20 odd years ago we bought a couple of old dunger clubs and golf balls from an ‘Op-shop’ and snuck off down to our local rugby field, set ourselves up, one at each goal-post and hit our balls back and forwards. By the end of the week we were both hitting the ball through and between the uprights. We didn’t see that as being brilliant at all. Wasn’t that its purpose? That was golf’s primary purpose wasn’t it? Our style, stance, alignment, grip and swing never even entered out thoughts. It was “just hit the bloody ball” and that is exactly what we did.

Eventually we bought a half-set of clubs each, went up to our local golf course, paid our green fees and snuck off, beginning at the 2nd hole to avoid the prying eyes of the members up in the clubhouse. We played to the 6th. turned back towards the 9th. played to the 8th. jumping over to the 11th. (going back and away from the clubhouse), coming back on the 12th, 13th, 14th. and under cover of trees and bushes sneaked back to our car. We were so ecstatic with our first attempt we made a promise to return for another round asap. Our T-shots were going straight up the centre of every fairway. After all, wasn’t that where they were supposed to go? Chipping and putting didn’t even enter our thoughts. We were there to whack that ball, long and straight.

After a fortnight we joined on a limited membership which allowed us to play after 1pm. We were “over-the-moon” with that arrangement. We had no intentions of playing while there were regular members around.

In time however, golfing friends of ours invited us to join them in a friendly round, promising to assist with a few lessons of their own.

So began our downfall! According to them our stance was wrong, we were lifting our heads, our alignment was askew, our grips were haywire and the list went on and on. My mate and I eventually “called it quits” not too long after that fiasco. I did join the club eventually and with doggedness and sheer determination became pretty proficient at the game, getting my handicap down to a comfortable 18. I chucked it all away for 15 years and just recently decided to take it up again. I thought it would be similar to ‘riding a bicycle’. Once learned, never forgotten. Not entirely true, in my case.

About 2 years ago I joined an RSA golf sub-club. My hadicapper put me on a 28 and I broke 100 on my last outing, 2 weeks ago. This comes after applying your “short-game” technique. My T-shots have surprised my playing partners (and myself as well). I landed t-shots onto 3 of 4 par 3 holes and I chipped into the cup on 2 holes.

Thanks Cameron. You brought all this about. I’d read your email over and over and finally for however long it’s been in my inbox, I decided to “action it!” I’ve recently registered with the Hukanui Golf Club on the outer fringes of the city of Hamilton, here in the Waikato Province, North Island NZ. and I begin playing on a regular basis as soon as my membership is final.
Once again. Thanks!

Paul Tioke
PO Box 12443

Won Junior Division

Last weekend I won the Junior Division (Handicap 16-21) in our Club Champs.
I had a 91 gross which included 2x 7’s and an 8 but the winning of it was a series of 1 putts from 2 – 3 meters. One of the guys in my group commented that I was putting them off the course. No 3 putts and the 2 putts were reasonably easy because I always seemed to find the right distance so that the second was generally less than half a club length away from the hole.
Thanks very much for your “perfect putting”. Now all I need to do is improve my fairway irons and my handicap will really come down.
Best rergards,
Bruce Truscott

Everything fell into place

I was not able to compete in the Club Championships as both my boys were in the Football Finals last Saturday. So I only played 9 holes with the guys. Didn’t play very well had just become Club Captain and was a little up tight for the first 3 holes then I pared most of the remaining holes.

I went to Sandringham on Sunday and shot the lights out. 2 over the card on the front nine with a missed birdie opportunity on the 9th and 6 over on the back ( all of a sudden I couldn’t get the ball to the hole and 3 putted a few greens). 78 on a par 70 was my best score ever. I hit only 50% of the Fairways but hit 61% of the greens in regulation.
Everything just fell into place. It shows that I was in the zone with my automated golf. I know that 1 game isn’t every game but it does show I am on the way. Unfortunately for my golf I will only get to play 9 holes for the next 2 weeks as one of my boys is in a Preliminary Final and the other is already in the Grand Final but that’s ok.

Your techniques have helped along with practicing my chipping in the garage by hitting the ball into the brick wall practicing the technique. This is giving me good confidence when I go to the course.

Thanks for your support and follow up, it is much appreciated.



Turned the corner

Good Morning Cameron,
A short note about playing automatic. Just before my knee operation two weeks ago I decided to play my last round on automatic.My two key thoughts for the day were total relaxation at address and secondly to enjoy the game.My procedure for total relaxation was to first assess the shot and make the club selection from behind the ball and then address the ball. When over the ball I would relax my face muscles which would take a second or two and as soon as they were relaxed I would hit the ball.I found if you can relax your face muscles every thing feels very relaxed. This also took my mind away from any swing thoughts and usually produced a very easy and natural swing.
Prior to this day my scores had gradually gone from average to bad with my handicap slipping from 9 to 12. The automatic day I scored 40 stableford points and felt like my game had turned the corner.
Thanks for your email articles which tend to convince you that this is the best way to approach the game.

Cheers, Derek.

Can’t Believe the Difference

Hi Cameron,

Thought I would give a quick update of my progress since I purchased your product Thursday afternoon.

Read most of the book on the way home on the train.
Watched the videos Thursday night.
5 minute challenge Thursday night.
5 minute challence Friday night.
Smacked some practice balls around the local school oval Saturday afternoon, then started with the full routine aiming at a target.
As I expected all went pretty well, I have a prety good range game.

Sunday I played the new Greg Norman course at Grange in Adelaide. Warmed up with a small bucket doing the routine, target and count and hit.
On course I would have usually been prety nervous. Never played there before and with blokes who are all better than me. In the wind also, my game usually goes to the dogs in the wind.

I can’t believe the difference. Relaxed and I was just smashing it down the fairway, not perfect but who cares. Much more fun.

I was actually quite close to playing automatic golf through my own experimentation. Occasionally I would pick a target and just step up and hit but never had the guts to do it all the time. It flew in the face of all the shit we are taught.

But the counting or singing is the real key for me. Relax and wail away, out driving a bloke that used to be 20+ metres longer than me.

Too much fun.

Thank you,

Tim Pengilly


Hi Cameron, Got your book day before comp day, so only had time to implement the singing process. While I had some bad shots, I was free to move on & hit the next ball well. I had best round in 5 weeks & stableford points 38 (15 points better then the best in last 5 rounds). I felt really good about myself & really enjoyed the game. Will go back to the book & start on the first parts of your learning process. Remarkable, thanks so much. Greg.

You’re a bloody legend!

“Cam I owe you a debt of gratitude so vast that I would love to meet you in person one day and shake your hand. Please continue on your path, you are going to help so many people with your teaching methods, and the respect I have for you to follow your convictions and ” buck the conventional way” is enormous.
Thanks again Cam you’re a bloody legend!!”
Richard Cahill

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