The Cynic – They trust no one, including himself, and believe that everything is a gimmick…

This person leads a sad kind of life. They can’t trust anyone, thinking that everyone or everything is some type of con.

Although this person does manage to weed out all of the real BS in golf, they do miss out on the good stuff when it does come around.

These people need to readjust their thinking, open their minds and do their research before making a decision. Sure, there are lots of gimmick artists in the golf world, but not everybody is out to make a quick dollar or rip you off.

The Cynic never reaches their potential because they are stuck in their own little world – too scared to change or try anything new.

If you are to improve your golf there will always be a few bumps along the way. Learn to accept this, move on and keep on the improvement cycle. You will always get there in the end and often the journey is more fun than the end result.

Don’t let fear hold you back, learn to trust those that have the answers and learn from them. Your instinct and gut will weed out the rubbish.

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