The Dot Putter

I don’t recommend many other golf products but the Dot Putter is an exception to the rule. Here’s the story…

Kevin O’Neill is a bit like me. He’s a golf coaching pioneer who hasn’t been afraid to share his enthusiasm for golf and coaching. He is a school teacher but in his spare time has been helping golfers play better golf. He has been doing this for years and certainly knows a thing to two about the improvement cycle, learning and playing golf.

He is also an expert putting coach. I’ve done a thing or two with putting and have been keen for a long time to create my own putter. Let me tell you this is a difficult process. Even if you can come up with a different and interesting design, getting the putter ready for commercial sale is a long and expensive process.

But Kevin has done it and I am very impressed with the final product. The Dot Putter is a winner…

The first thing that hits you is the colour. It’s a bright white and it certainly stands out. I like it and it shows that you mean business. I’m sure they will offer a range of alternative colour options in time, but the white certainly stands out!

The secret sauce of the Dot Putter is the unique “dot” system. When you’re in your address position and look down, the goal is to see all eight dots. If you can’t, then your alignment isn’t as it should be. I have been trialling this putter for a while now (because anchoring will be banned in 2016) and I firmly believe that the Dot Putter really helps you achieve a better and automatic putting routine/stroke.

Dot Putter Image

The Dot Putter – unique alignment system

It’s a simple concept that many others wish they had thought of. Here’s a video review of the putter:

You can learn more about the Dot Putter over here

Here are some photos of the Dot Plx Putter




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