The Flat Spot Principle – an unfair advantage for all golfers

The Flat Spot Principle (FSP) was discovered when scientists observed elite player’s swings with those of club golfers.

It was found that the better the player the longer the club and club face remained on the target line. The FSP really gives the golfer an unfair advantage – making slicing virtually impossible, the golfer who can achieve the FSP will experience a confidence and enthusiasm for the game that is hard to beat.

The complete BioSwing literally forces you to achieve the FSP. The body stabilization and lateral shift ensures the club approaches the ball squarely. The throwing motion of the arms ensure the club face remains square for a longer period of time. The correct grip maximizes the power that can be transmitted into the ball.

The FSP happens as a result of what has gone before it. You don’t need to think about it. You’ll hit the ball further, straighter and with less effort. BioSwing also places less strain and stress on your body than many conventional techniques and swing theories do. It is a win-win golf swing!

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