The Know It All – no one likes someone that thinks they know everything. It can be worse on the golf course…

…because you can’t get away from them! Your trapped for four hours or more if you get stuck with them.

The Know It All is a real pain in the bum. Not only do they usually have a poor golf game but they can effect your own game as well. It only takes one poor shot and their right on you, “YOU LIFTED YOUR HEAD!” or “your back swing was too quick and you couldn’t rotate properly through the ball”. SHUT UP! Give us a break.

TKIA should stop reading so many books and play with golfers that are actually better than they are. And no handicaps! Playing off a handicap when you are a self confessed expert is a big no no in my opinion. Seriously, if you play off 20 how can you expect people to take you seriously as a guru of the game? You might have had 40 stableford points… but how many strokes have you taken?

TKIA must allow their children and wife to learn from someone else. I hate it when TKIA, who, with only slightly more usable knowledge than a fly, tries to impart his wisdom on his children and better half. Give them a chance. Let them have fun with the game and not be bogged down by your shortcomings.

TKIA is usually harmless. They even probably mean well – but boy do they annoy me. TKIA is too stubborn to take advice from anyone. What really bothers me is when they get in the way of others and stop them enjoying and learning. That should be a penalty of two strokes per hole!

If you’ve ever spent time on a golf forum (I have given up!) you will be bombarded by TKIA. They like to impart their wisdom, usually anonymously, at every possible chance. I once participated in a golf forum but gave up when too many high handicappers knew more about the golf swing and the science of golf than the real experts. It really is like banging your head against a brick wall.

My advice to deal with TKIA is to ignore them. Don’t let them nag and annoy you. You have to let your clubs do the talking. If that doesn’t work then stop playing with them…make a list of golfers you won’t play with. I think every club as a list of these types of golfers.

Lastly, if you have a solid and automatic game you should be able to deal with all types of golfers that are not quite right. If they can’t get to you, and you keep performing well, TKIA will eventually become more likable. Better still, he may stop playing with you and look for someone else he can annoy.

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