The most horrible golfing problem

In my mind there is nothing worse in golf than the putting yips. Absolutely dreadful, and if you haven’t yet experienced the yips you don’t want to.

A number of years ago I experienced the putting flinches so badly I seriously thought about walking away from the game. It was that bad.

I remember feeling nauseous walking onto the green and having the sensation that making some sort of decent stroke was an impossibility. There was one hole in particular where I had a 7 inch putt. I backed away from that putt twice and eventually made this nervous jab, the ball was lucky to fall into the hole. Every putt was a major battle – no fun whatsoever.

I’m glad I don’t experience these feelings anymore. I actually don’t think it’s possible for a yipper to last that long with serious putting yips – the condition puts a huge dent in the enjoyment and success that’s possible.

This week I received two emails from guys struggling with the putting yips. I found this earlier post and there’s some great info here. Worth checking out if you’ve got the yips or generally struggling with your putting game.

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