The FSP gives you the perfect golf swing. When your club hits a flat spot you instantly receive a mechanical advantage. And it doesn’t matter what the rest of your golf swing looks like, even ugly swings can achieve a better flat spot.

Please read carefully: The FSP isn’t about making you swing like Rory or Tiger. It’s about finding YOUR better swing. The FSP will reduce the severity of your slice (or hook) and make you a more consistent player. But it’s not about copying golfers, it’s about making you the best golfer YOU can be by making your golf swing better.

When the clubhead, clubface and target line all work together you instantly have the secret to the golf swing. The physics are working with you rather than against, and this is the easiest way to unlocking your best golf swing. No more stuffing about with complicated technique or ineffective tips. No longer do you need to think of 1001 golf tips, if you can improve your flat spot, you will become a better player.

But there is a problem.

But there is one problem with the FSP. And that’s it’s hard to teach. You can’t just think about it. You can’t read about. You need a shift in mindset to learn how to take advantage of it.

The only way you’re going to learn how to achieve the FSP is to force your body and brain to adopt a new pattern. And the only way to do that is with my new swing trainer. Simply thinking about what it is you’re trying to do is not enough – everything is happening too quickly to provide any decent feedback.

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