The Perfectionist – a disaster just waiting to happen

Unfortunately this is all too common in golf today. The belief that high intelligence, over trying and a perfect golf swing will lead to better scores is just a sad myth.

The game is difficult, there’s no question about that, but many people take golf improvement to the extreme. They never come close to playing good golf consistently and they are always attempting to fix a part of their swing that probably doesn’t need fixing.

The perfectionist likes to practice. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that they over do it. Their swing plane has to be EXACTLY spot on, their grip perfect and the ball flight has to be a carbon copy each time. The perfectionist’s endeavor should be admired, but they are nothing short of delusional.

Golf is not an exact science…it never has been and never will be. If you think that a perfect golf swing is the holy grail to a better game you are wrong.


If you think that spending long hours practising guarantees success you are wrong again.

Good golf requires more than just hard work. It requires knowlege and understanding of the learning process. Then you need a game plan for actually playing golf. The playing golf part is the most important. A great golf swing can only take you so far.

I love to witness a ‘player’ take apart a ‘perfectionist’ on the course. It really is a no contest but it humors me every time. The perfectionist can’t work out how a fat, old and ugly swinger can beat him. But he will be beaten each time. The perfectionist will console himself with the belief that “at least I know what I’m doing wrong”. But this makes no difference.

The perfectionist, if they’re to improve, has to realise that even a perfect swing can hit a ball out of bounds or through the green. It doesn’t really matter if you hit the left side of the fairway or the right. Hell, half the time it doesn’t matter if you miss the fairway!

Forget about being perfect. The game has its worse medicine for those that try. Lighten up! Forget about your swing, and trying to be so precise. Your dedication is a great asset, let it guide you in a direction that can help you have more fun (and for those poor souls that play with you) and just maybe find the golf game that you’ve always wanted.

Trying fails…let go and start playing golf like a school boy on the first day of summer holidays!

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