The Tinker – never going to make it. If only they would stop changing every five minutes

These guys are a golf professionals best friend…at least for a while, until even the poor pro’s patience is tested past normal levels.

The Tinker is always working on something new or trying the latest club or fad. He will try anything once if he thinks it will help. Money is no object. He will always have enough money to buy the newest of new titanium drivers that hit the market.

The Tinker loves having golf lessons, going to demo days and generally being around golf. He is the type of guy that will rummage around in your golf bag, take out a club and have a few swings. He might even say that your club is too heavy or light and tell you how to fix it. These guys are no harm (only to themselves) and can offer some interesting commentary on the world of golf…especially new equipment. They might even have a club or two that you might want to try out.

But the poor Tinker never makes the grade as a good golfer. He never gives himself or his system a chance to learn and get comfortable. He changes so often that he is in a constant state of confusion. A poor round will lead to a new putter or driver. A poor shot will mean a swing change by the next tee.

This can be painful to watch. The Tinker can be good at making excuses. You hear them all the time, “My swing weight is not right…it’s off by two points” or “I’m working on a new swing, haven’t got it just yet”. It’s all pretty pathetic.

The Tinker, just like the perfectionist, needs to stick to the basic fundamentals. Chopping and changing will never do him any good. If he could only stick with one swing method and one set of clubs for long enough he would save thousands of dollars and make a real dent in his handicap!

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