The truth about golf learning and improvement

The truth about golf learning and improvement.

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  • Lukey

    Reply Reply May 16, 2013

    So true Cam it has taken me years to get where I am now and though I haven’t achieved the full result yet I realise patience is the key. Yes there are frustrating times but a conversation with either your self or Steady have got me back on the straight and narrow . What I have found since taking on AG is how much Crap I had managed to load myself down with and how long it takes to rid yourself of it and it is only then you realise how good golf can become.
    Cheers Lukey

  • Adam

    Reply Reply May 16, 2013

    thank you for explaining this cameron. its also the same thing with my writing i’m still actually learning new things as i go along. when i began writing i completely sucked at it. yet i was determined to write, so after about two months or so i began writing some amazing stories. i see now that it’s the same with any skill. baseball players didn’t get so good without practice and doing the same thing over and over again and learning from each experience. I apologize if i’ve made things rough on you, wanting to make things happen “yesterday”, so to speak. i will continue reading your blog and i will make things a process rather than an “event”. it may take me years but i’m determined to get better. if it takes years then i’m fine. if it takes an entire lifetime i’m fine with that. but as long as i get better i’m fine. i didn’t learn to write in a day. two months, actually.

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply May 17, 2013

      you will continue to improve your writing. The more you write, read and apply yourself the better you’ll get. It’s a never ending process. One day you’ll look back at your early writing and cringe a little – a sign that you’ve become a master writer.

  • Adam

    Reply Reply May 16, 2013

    Also cameron i’ve read your report just now on “why golfers don’t play as well as they should.” cool stuff.

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