At the top of your swing you want to be in a comfortable position. Forget about having a massive turn. For most golfers a three-quarter length backswing will provide all the power they can handle.

I recommend allowing a slight bending of the left arm. This reduces tension and also provides a mechanical advantage on the downswing.

You should encourage your left heel to rise slightly…don’t force it to move, but rather, allow it to be pulled up as part of the synchronization of your swing. Allowing your heel to rise sets you up to perform a critical move on the downswing.

The top of backswing position should be simple and easy to do. Major X- factoring (where you turn your shoulders against the resistance of the hips) is not necessary. Research has shown that golfers can supply ample power with a short backswing and without unnecessary twisting and straining. Easy to do but incredibly effective!

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