Tribers, I need your help

I’ve got some good news. My ideas have attracted the interest of a business and marketing expert. These guys have teamed together and helping me improve the message and the products. But I need your help.

I need some testimonials. If you’ve enjoyed this website or have got anything out of my writings then please let me know. Your help here is greatly appreciated.

If you could post your testimonial in the comment section below that would be fantastic.

Cheers and thanks,


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  • Steady(oz)

    Reply Reply May 4, 2009

    It’s pretty easy to endorse a product such as Camerons. Why? Because it works. I have been a golf tragic for 10 years.I bought just about every book and dvd on the swing that you could imagine.Just like you I read, studied and practiced all the while trying to improve, only to end in tragedy of phone numbers on my score card . Having gotten my handicap down to 14 I went to see Cameron for a personal lesson. I’d had enough. All that hard work for a worse result. With his guidence, after 2 years I got my handicap down to 5.
    You see golf magazines, golf pro’s and the golfing industry itself want you, the poor golfer to keep coming back to them for help, as this keeps their pockets full with your money.
    It’s funny how in the last 100 years golf with golf instruction, technology of clubs and balls, slow mo computer generated simulation models that the average handicap has not improved. Why ? Simply we have a merry-go-round learning system that keeps hackers/suckers coming back for more. Don’t get me wrong there is a place for fundamentals but not such a one sided, one measure fits all, type of instruction.
    I remember Cam talking about the automatic process and how it works best for me. Then I got to thinking about golf instruction, how it seems to be a cookie cutter system ie one size fits all. Gay Brewer the 1967 Masters winner had the worst looking swing ever, use to hook the crap out of the ball, yet he won a major. WHY?
    In itself you can have all the instrution in the world yet if it doesn’t suit you or your swing you will only be as good as your body and mind lets you. A great example is Jim Furyk. One golf commentator desribed his swing as someone stuck in a phone booth with an axe trying to kill a snake. However in the case of going automatic(walk to the ball through to completetition of the swing) your subconscious swings the club for you. It suits you and your body type.
    Not to long ago I asked my son to call out shots before my walk to the ball ie high fade/draw low fade/draw etc out of 10 I hit those shots i hit 9 at will. It just goes to show that you have the talent/potential but you must be willing to let the automatic process ( walk to the ball till completition of the shot) have it’s way.
    . I swing the club like I use to play tennis. This is what works for me.
    I use to train in military style boxing called oppugnate. My trainer recognised that I was so right side dominant, that this was my major strength, he never mentioned it was a weakness. He saw an individual trait in me and used it a strong point.So from then on I swing the golf club like I use to play tennis, very very right handed. Don’t try this your self as YOU have to find what works. 99% of golf instructers will say that his is wrong but stuff them it WORKS for ME. Golf pros bend your knees $30 please.
    What you have to find is the automatic process YOUR SWING and marry the two. The 2 then become 1 4 life.
    I can’t tell you how fortunate it is to finally get rid of the straight jacket, the golf industry tries to put us in. Now I play the way I want to play.
    If your considering using Camerons sytem. You have nothing to lose and a great golf game to gain.
    John Stead – NSW Australia

  • Lukey (Tony Lucas)

    Reply Reply May 5, 2009

    At this present stage I am only a novice to Camerons system and still learning but what I have found is that when I do get it automatic the results are usually very good.By all means it will not happen overnight but it will happen.So like John and myself try it and find the difference.
    Tony Lucas

  • ESteady

    Reply Reply May 6, 2009

    I used to feel really tired after a game of golf. You know, you work hard on your game all the way around the course but just the odd mistake here and there causes you to blow your handicap and then some!! It’s frustrating, isn’t it? All that effort for no return!

    Imagine what it would be like to play at least as well if not better than normal without even trying that hard. Well, better score from less effort can be achieved by trusting your natural learning ability and playing automatically.

    Cameron Strachan’s teaching will allow you to tap into the skills of the natural golfer that lurks just beneath all of that traditional instruction you have been swallowing for so long. You know the stuff. Straight left arm, cock your wrists blah, blah. Yeah, that’s it. Bend your knees, $30 please!!!! Has any of that BS really made a difference? I doubt it and I’ll bet it cost you a fortune!

    Like me, give automatic golf a try. You might just surprise yourself how good you are. Have some fun, let go, relax and give your natural golf game a chance. You won’t regret it!

    I walk off the course re-energised these days. I still have much to learn about playing automatically but it’s a darn sight easier than all that effort I used to put into my game for very little return.

    Do what comes naturally and you won’t look back.

    Alex Stowell – Bristol, England

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply May 6, 2009

    Thanks guys for your help.

    Will talk soon,


  • RayC

    Reply Reply May 6, 2009

    Have only had a couple of opportunities to play since reading the E-book on automating my game.I found my game improved greatly and apart from the odd hole of falling back into old habits I walked off the golf course in a much happier frame of mind.Its amazing how simplified the game becomes when you take the automatic approach. I look forward to getting further advice from the other fellow golf tribers.
    Thanks again Cameron.
    Cheers RayC.

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply May 8, 2009

    Hi Ray and welcome aboard!

    Automatic learning is a journey – not a quick fix but it will help you play your best golf.

    The best method of attack is to dive right in. The other Tribe members are here to help so post your results, ask questions and get ready for a learning experience like no other.



  • ESteady

    Reply Reply May 22, 2009

    Hi Artful Golfer!

    We Tribers are honoured to have such a star in our midst!!! Congratulations on your success over the past 4 years. You are an inspiration to all golfers, but especially us over 50s!!!

    520 rounds in just over 4 years. That’s an average of 10 rounds a month. Boy you are a lucky guy! Scratch must surely be just a matter of time!

    Hi! My Tribe name is ESteady. I have followed your progress through your website closely over the past 9 months and have been impressed by your writing, especially the earlier stuff. Keep it coming!

    I am a recent convert, through sites like yours and Cameron’s, to the benefits of natural learning for golf. Other than Cameron and Fred Shoemaker who else’s work do you find stimulating/inspiring.

    Keep in touch. I am sure the other Tribers, like me, would love to pick your brains on various golfing matters.



  • Laurie

    Reply Reply May 22, 2009

    Hi Cameron
    I read your ebook last week and am now working to minimise the many inbuilt interruptions which I have developed over many years of golf. I wonder if my winning the B grade competition last week-end was a coincidence. Hmmm.
    I would appreciate your views on how best to prepare for a round after arriving at the golf course.
    Regards Laurie

  • Linton Hayres

    Reply Reply December 30, 2009

    Hi Cameron, I have been trying your theory with real success. I have a long way to go but feel yours is the path to more enjoyable golf. The lure of longer straighter shots in 5 minutes with no effort is akin to regrowing hair or losing weight easily. I had suffered all the head problems you outlined, and as I put them behind me, I am playing better and enjoying it more – thanks

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