Trusting my golf swing and being a co-pilot

Golf can be so frustrating! You think you’ve got the game worked out and then the next minute you’re struggling.

The last few months of golf have not been that good for me. Maybe the worse in over 10 years.

  • I took 12 shots up the last hole in the Club Championship
  • I got a letter for slow play from my club
  • Another round I lost 6 balls and had a 5 putt! The 87 is the worst score I’ve had in years.

And to be honest it has been frustrating and more than a little bit annoying.

If I’m truly honest I have thought about giving the game away. Because shooting big numbers, getting into trouble and losing trust in your game is not much fun. It’s horrible.

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with a trip down to Barnbougle Dunes. It might just be the best golf course in Australia and it certainly is my favourite. If you haven’t played there it is definitely worth the time and effort.

The weekend was a chance to reignite my passion for the game. To get back to playing golf, and stop worrying about all the other stuff that’s been going on. Because there’s been no doubt that I have been getting distracted and not following my own advice. Stupid but true.

The bottom line?

I wanted to get back to playing golf in the same way that I have been teaching for years.

– not worrying about the golf swing
– not caring about the score
– not getting distracted by playing partners and what they think
– playing freely and without fear
– not letting a few bad shots ruin the day

Playing at such a wonderful facility makes the above easier easier but it’s a good thing to do. And here’s why.

Because the chances are you’re not playing golf how you like. You’re getting in your own way, trying too hard and forgetting what the game is really about. You’re taking the game too seriously and missing out on the fun that’s on offer. Worst of all you’re hacking around and shooting high scores, losing balls and getting frustrated.

That may sound a bit high and mighty but I think it’s true. We all know we shouldn’t worry and get so nervous but we do. And we get like this because we want to play better. Our Pesky mind tries to take over and “think” your way out of the problem. But it doesn’t work, no matter how smart, clever or talented you think you are. I certainly learned my lesson.

The weekend was a step in the right direction. I lost only one ball and played so much better. There were some highlights too

– The perfect weather (first time I’ve played there without rain and lots of wind)
– A 255 metre 3-wood that found a tiny green (and I sunk the putt for an eagle!)
– Getting under par for the first time in ages (yippee!)
– Realising there was nothing wrong with my game and that I was back in town

Most of all it was fun. That little word probably doesn’t sum it up properly but it was fantastic to play golf and realise there was nothing wrong with me.

I feel really stupid telling you all of this. I’ve been writing about this stuff for years now and the answers were there the entire time. All I had to do was follow my own advice. But despite knowing all of this stuff backwards, I stuffed up.

On the flight home I realised another mistake I’d made. I actually got to sit in the co-pilots chair and the amazing view and experience gave me a moment of clarity.

I’ve been stuffing you guys around. While my new membership site has got all my best info and can help you get your game back on track, it’s not fair to charge a monthly fee for it. It’s stupid! Like my golf, I was trying too hard to be clever, rather than do the simple and obvious.

So here’s the new deal. Instead of having a recurring monthly membership fee, there is a once off cost for lifetime access. (if you already have membership you’ll pay one month and then never pay another cent. Reward for getting in super early and supporting me).

Is there any catch?

A small one. The price goes up a little bit each time someone joins. Why have I done this? Because you get rewarded by joining now. The site has lots of info (over 100 lessons) and will continue to get better over the journey. So those that come in later should have to pay more that what you will today.

That seems to be fair.

I hope you can join me and get full access to all of my premium content for a one off payment. It’s the cheapest it will ever be, the price does go up each time someone joins. I also hope you find this fair and a much better deal than a recurring monthly payment.

Don’t stuff about, now is the time to make a difference and start playing golf the way you know how. The lessons I share really do work – you just have to trust yourself and not get so distracted.

Join me now and get the full story

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