Turn your back on putting for better results

Dear golfer,

The following is something that I use to help me relax and focus before an important putt. I know ALL putts are important, but some are more crucial than others. Like the putt for par that will get your round back on track or a putt to win the money on Saturday morning. Here’s what I do…

I find that we can get too preoccupied with these big putts. We waste a lot of energy (and time) by focusing on the possible outcome. If you feel this is you then try turning your back on the putt. Walk away, turn around, look away or close your eyes. When it’s your turn to play, take a moment to get centered then follow your same putting routine. You will now have ‘fresh eyes’ and hopefully be more relaxed.

I find this little technique is particularly useful when I have a short putt but have to wait for my playing partners to play first. I will often walk to the side of the green and focus my attention on something else. This way I’m not over analysing the putt and looking for break or speed that might not be there. When it’s my turn to play I step up to the ball with a clear head and hit it into the hole.

You can also apply it to other shots that may be giving you some grief. If you do give it a go I’d be interested in hearing how you get on.

Good golf,

Cameron Strachan

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  • Jeff Goodman

    Reply Reply February 28, 2008

    I just signed up to get your putting book. Lord knows I need to stop 3-putting.

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