The Slice
The weak slice is caused by coming from outside to in. The only way to have any chance of finding the target is to keep the clubface open through impact. This motion is incredibly difficult to master and usually leads to an inconsistent golf game.

And because you’re only brushing the back of the ball your game lacks power. Your swing may feel powerful but you’ll continually be let down by an insipid banana ball.

The “over the top” move is notoriously difficult to correct because you are not getting feedback quickly enough. In most cases you don’t know you have made a mistake until well after the shot has been made. And this is the reason why a slice is so difficult to correct.

The Hook
The hook shot can be really nasty. Although you may experience more power, the hook is almost impossible to control. The ball will start to the right and then swing sharply back to the left.

The hook is hard to control because the clubface is closing abruptly through impact. Some days you’ll be on and on other days you can be miles off. Your game is most likely inconsistent and you’re frustrated to the point of hating the game.

And then it gets worse. Because your swing is hard to control you start “steering” the swing. This is when you’re not giving the shot your full attention and you start making weak passes at the ball. Once this happens fear and self‐doubt kicks in and it’s not long before your game is on a downward spiral. You may even experience the swing yips and golf becomes 4 hours of torture rather than a fun game.

Please note: These instructions assume you’re a right handed golfer.

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