[video] Don’t make this mistake with your putting practice

Here’s a simple practice putting theory that I rarely break. But I see lots of golfers fall for the belief that if they stay in the one spot and knock in putt after putt that they’ll build the perfect technique and become a better putter. I don’t buy it and have never found this sort of putting practice leads anywhere – other than give you a sore back and unnecessarily damage the green.

Here’s what I think you should do when you get some time to practice your putting. These short putts are important, they allow you to maximise your scoring potential and can keep your round moving in the right direction. As some homework, think back to your last game and count how many putts you missed from 4 feet and in. If you could make ALL of these putts (the best putters make 95%+ of these putts) what would that do for your score.

Here’s how to make more putts with a simple putting practice philosophy: Watch the video for the full story.

P.S. The putter I’m using is a DOT PLX. It’s a new invention from an Aussie golf pro I know. It’s a beauty and I’ll do more on this soon.

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  • Lukey

    Reply Reply July 28, 2013

    Interesting looking putter and I agree totally with the idea of spreading the balls around the hole and putting that way.
    Cheers Lukey

  • Adam

    Reply Reply July 28, 2013

    I made basically every single putt my last round. Three putted once and two putted twice. The rest of the,time they just went in

  • Cam280

    Reply Reply August 4, 2013

    Hi Cam, any chance of giving me the details on that putter, where i can buy it ?

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply August 4, 2013

      Cam: It’s not ready for sale just yet but will release details when it is. I was lucky to get a sneak peak and will give my thoughts about it very soon.

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