Get My Complete Golf Learning System, Private Lesson, Books and Training Aid For Over Half Off

The website is up and running again after being hacked into last week. I want to reassure everyone that no private data was taken, they only corrupted the content files.

All this caused me one large headache. At one stage I was told I had lost my entire website as the backup file was corrupted too. It all turned out ok after my team worked all weekend and put a large chunk of the website back together manually.

To help celebrate and as a way to apologise for the site being down for four days, I’m having a Website Hacker Sale on the items below. This won’t last long, maybe till the end of the week. Thanks also for your support. Watch the video for full story.

Get the Website Hacker Deal Here

Website Hacker Special (The Lot) – If you like the look of all these products then get the lot for one low price of $99. Total price of the below is $212.50 – so $99 is a ripper saving. This is the absolute lowest price you’ll ever get this gear for so act now. I’m going to be a busy boy doing the video reviews so get in now before I pull the pin on this special deal.

Get the Website Hacker Deal Here

Here’s what’s in this deal;

  • Rubbing Shoulders with the Greats Book
  • The Golfer’s Nightmare book
  • BioSwing Elite membership
  • Perfect Putting membership
  • Automatic Golfer membership
  • The World’s Simplest Golf Lesson
  • Private video review
  • The Shuggy training aide and manual

Cameron, I already have some of these products?

If this is the case then I suggest you buy now and give the books, training aide and videos away to a friend. You can keep the video review for yourself. It’s such a low price that it represents terrific value.

Get the complete package here

Here are some other individual deals;

Brian Twite and Golfer’s Nightmare Book – Brian Twite is a living legend of Australian golf. He has given over 100K golf lessons and I like to refer to him as the Harvey Penick of Aussie golf. You probably haven’t heard of him but he has given lessons to Greg Norman, Gary Player and a host of other super stars. He once fixed Seve’s golf grip and has never been under so much pressure as Seve watched him each step of the way.

Brian has been a huge influence on me and I know you’ll like reading his stories on golf.

Anyway, I’ve got some signed copies of his book and I’ve packaged them together with my Golfer’s Nightmare book. The Price is $30 + shipping. Essentially this is two books for the price of one plus you get some extra bonuses, some digital content and a CD. Order here

The World’s Simplest Lesson – This is the lesson I’d give anyone if I only had a few minutes to help them. It’s also my default routine I keep going back to if I ever start to struggle or lose my game. Normally selling for $17, for the next week or so you can get it for $7. Order here

Perfect Putting Videos + More – This is one of my most poplar products and sells everyday for $47. If you’ve ever wanted to get the insider scoop on better putting this is it. Special price – $22.50. Order here

BioSwing Elite – This is the biomechanical golf swing model that I helped create. When I launched it last year it went berserk. When I lowered the price around Christmas the sales went stupid. For this sale I’m lowering the price to $27. Order here.

Personal Golf Game Analysis – This might be the easiest and quickest way to get your game back on track. Recently Des had a swing review and went out the next day and won the monthly medal.

All you have to do is send me a video of you playing golf and I give you a detailed recorded analysis of your game. Special price is $49 (normally $99). Order here

Driver training aide – this is my favourite product of all time. It comes with a training manual and access to my premium website. This tool will help you improve your golf drive more quickly than any other method I know. Special Price is $77. Order here.


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