Why do golfers get frustrated?

Golfer: Why do golfers get frustrated?

Me: Because they think too much about hitting the stupid ball. We lack trust in ourselves to do it our way – we tend to focus too much on conforming to the status quo and worry about having a pretty swing or standing out.

Ultimately this leads us to adding more when we should be taking things away. If you analysed how you walk down a flight of stairs you’d end up in a heap at the bottom. Then you’d worrying about falling down so now you’re too scared to take the first step. So you pause. And now you’re stuck, too worried about moving to your goal. This is a very ugly and uncomfortable place to be. You’d hang on too hard to the handrail and expend vast amounts of energy with each step. Walking anywhere would be a mission.

You’d be frustrated because you’re fighting your system. And this is exactly how many play golf.

The way forward from the frustration is to play in a way that suits you. Forget the text book or the latest tip from Golf Digest, you’ve got to do it your way. “Your” way may break a few rules but you’ve got to stand firm, you’ve gotta trust that this is the best way for YOU.

Play “your” way long enough and the frustration will be minimised. The occasional poor shot or missed a putt may derail you for a moment, but there’s no longterm conflict. You get back in the game because you know your way is the best way (the only way).

Frustration free golf isn’t about hitting perfect golf shots and playing consistently. Nope, I don’t think that’s it. If you wait for the good stuff to happen you could be waiting a long time. The biggest step any golfer will take is to have the courage to play their way, even if they’re a little uncomfortable. The best time to start was yesterday. But today isn’t a bad option either.

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  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply October 9, 2014

    On another note, notice in the slo mo that his weight starts shifting back BEFORE his club moves. And then his weight starts moving forward again BEFORE his club starts coming down. Arms always FOLLOWING the body, never leading it. Its the natural way to swing at something whether you’re driving in a railway spike, beating the dust out of a rug or chopping a piece of wood. Hitting a golf ball shouldn’t be any different. Throw away your golf books. Watch Allen Doyle. Job done.

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