Why golf can be a really difficult game

Gavin Vearing is a golf champion. Now 39, he has dedicated his life to the game.

When I first appeared on the Victoria golfing scene he was one of the best players going around. There was Allenby and Appleby but Vearing was not far away. He was a regular in the Victorian State team and his name was consistently atop of the leader board.

Gavin Vearing

The thing that was most impressive about Gavin was his dedication. In my opinion he has worked as hard on his game has anyone. In fact, his dedication and commitment is almost legendary in the Victorian golf scene.

  • Incredibly long hours of practice
  • Daily rounds of golf
  • Strict diet that did not include alcohol, cigarettes or sugar (but he did eat some strange raw food)
  • Daily yoga
  • Meditation (at weird hours of the day and night)
  • An almost obsessive training routine. (He still looks as fit as ever – definitely puts me to shame)

When I say he committed himself fully to golf I’m not kidding. While most of us from the same era would say we worked hard on our golf game, Vearing took things to an entirely new level.

This sort of commitment breeds success. He won lots of amateur events, was selected in the Victoria Sate Team, was a member of the Victorian Institute of Sport and ultimately was good enough to turn professional.

In what could be the most impressive thing, he shot 61 (11 under) around Victoria Golf Club. You might know that Victoria GC is a championship course, recently hosting both the Australian Open and Australian Masters. So it’s no push over. His round included a bogey (on the 2nd) and then seven straight birdies. On the back nine his birdie run continued but he did lip out 3 shortish putts for more birdies. Interestingly, he did not birdie the short and relatively easy 1st hole. He did say that if some putts dropped later in the round he could have broken 60. Check out his amazing scorecard below.

Gavin Vearing

The sad thing is you probably haven’t heard of Gavin. He has played the Australian circuit for a few years and also jetsetted to Asia and Canada. But his professional form has not stacked up to his huge potential. It’s sad because it almost seems unfair. If Gavin had shown the same dedication to say fence building, to pick something random, he’d be the best in the world. He’d most likely have a team of people working for him and would be wealthy beyond his dreams. He’d be a successful entrepreneur.

But the reality for a struggling golfer is anything but success.

Gavin has given up on his dream of playing professional golf. He now works on an oil rig off the coast of Darwin. He did spend some time sharing his passion with other golfers while working as a PGA instructor, both here and in Perth. But what might be a true reflection of the Australian golf industry he struggled to support himself. He earns more money in one day on the oil rig then he could earn in a week (or weeks) giving golf lessons and running a pro shop. So he works “three weeks on, three weeks off” on the rig, it gives him a tidy income and enough time to play all the golf he wants. Yep, he still loves the game.

We had nine holes the other day at Victoria GC. He still plays well. While not long, he hits every shot dead straight (at least he did on Monday). His story takes an interesting twist here. Gavin is quiet, but when you get him to talk about golf he opens right up. He’s a thinker and has some profound thoughts on the game. Here’s my memory of what he said,

You know what? I’ve stopped working so hard on my game… I don’t practice anymore and just play. When I was teaching at the local course I would go out with the members and play. It was fun… stopped worrying about the swing and all the garbage. My first six rounds were, 69, 69, 68, 66, 67, 65. It was sort of funny. I used to try really hard for those scores – but when I stopped caring so much it all sort of happened for me.

This kind of thing is not surprising to me. If I’d spoken to Gavin years ago I would have told him to get outside and play. In fact, I told him to recommit to playing golf. Getting out on the course and playing shots – hitting the ball in a way that feels good to him. To me, he still has a tendency to over think and this could halt his progress. Playing golf solves a lot of issues – it frees the mind and allows your best golf to come out.

Playing and speaking with Gavin highlights the fine line between “making it” and ending up on the scrapheap (in want of a better word). I’m not entirely sure of the correct answer but the PGA could do more. While it’s not PGA’s fault players like Gavin don’t make it, there must be a way of keeping them in the game or education programs to assist them. Some of these guys can spend ten years busting their gut with nothing to show for it. The bottom line is passionate people like Gavin, who have so much to offer, shouldn’t be working on oil rigs.

They are lost to the game and everyone in the long-term misses out.

I’ll leave you with Gavin’s thoughts on making it on the pro tour.

The difference between 73 and 72 is the difference between being on tour and not being there at all. The difference between 72 and 71 is the difference between making the cut or having weekends off. The difference between 71 and 70 is the difference between being able to stay on tour or going home broke. The difference between 70 and 69 is the difference between a reliable golf game or becoming a superstar.

There’s not much in it. It really can be a cruel and difficult game sometimes.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.


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  • Lukey

    Reply Reply September 22, 2011

    How true this can be and not necessarily professionals all the time either I have seen the odd good amateur with potential plus and have not heard of them since.I think Dr. Bob (Rotella) sums it up in his book Golf is not a game of perfect.Having had a game with my best mate last weekend I realised I fell into the trap of playing to try and please (ego?) which then of course lead to a little doubt and played shit golf.So what did I get out of all this,simple go out and play golf.Thanks Cam this really did highlight my failing of last week.
    Cheers Lukey

  • Andrew

    Reply Reply September 23, 2011


    As someone who can only get time to play a full round of golf about every three weeks. I have struggled with the just go out and play golf. If I get a spare hour on the way home from work I visit the driving range I actually enjoy hitting balls the feel of steel on urethane. I have read the every shot must have a purpose, mental toughness training for golf etc, trying to make practice more like a real game situation. I try to break it up with chipping practice and putting. I seem to go around in circles where I can’t help myself and I end up trying to “improve” my swing. I know I should probably hit 15 balls then walk away. I would like to hear your thoughts on only being able to play approx once a month but wanting to improve. It is the one thing I have struggled with over the last year the thought that I can somehow accelerate my improvement by working on a part of my game away from the course?


    • Cameron

      Reply Reply September 26, 2011

      Andrew, It can be hard to let go and just play. Our adult mind likes to kick in and tell us all sorts of stories about what’s happening and what we’re doing wrong. The point is that your practice needs to mimic play – at least some of the time (I would say most of the time). And the best way to play is to create shots and hit the ball in a way that feels good to you. You certainly can explore i.e. “how high can I hit this shot?” or “how do I hit this ball over that tree?” – but you’re not getting bogged down with swing mechanics or complicated technique.

      If you don’t have much time then it’s more important to play then work on technique. The thing is when you’re playing you’re working on your technique anyway (a point that is missed by many). The more you play the better you’ll become. And play can be chipping balls in the backyard, putting on the carpet or finding a paddock to make some swings with some old balls.

      Have you seen the Almost Golf Balls? They are a terrific practice tool for home. Let me know your thoughts?

      Thanks for writing.


  • Chris Dunning

    Reply Reply May 27, 2013

    Gavin was giving me lessons when he worked in Bunbury WA. He was a great teacher helping me with all parts of my game. With his help I went from a 24 to a 16 in 12 months. I still go back to drills he taught me and his sense of course management was fantastic. He played my home course of Collie one time with two other students and pared the course on the first time playing it and it is not an easy golf course. He is a great lose to the game as he could have helped so many gfees with their game and added enjoyment for them all.

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply May 28, 2013

      Chris: Gav is certainly an excellent player and I hope he can find his place in the game.

  • Jackkqn

    Reply Reply February 22, 2021

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Russell she is referred to thursday night the fact that procedure definitely is “not necessarily quite great” not to mention goes a unknowns. but nevertheless, the lady renowned, when confronted with hard to stick to vaccine form since the mounting probability of types, one achieves a very important targeted: making the most of safety equipment merely by producing first game with regard to as many that you can. dr. Jennifer Russell recognised thurs,this that your chosen retarded second inserted method great as well as,while contains most unknowns. were standing in front of a disastrous situation that her enjoyable subject with the 90 day kill time waiting days give preference to, to be able to Ontario epidemiologist Raywat Deonandan. “whether you have said two months in, I might have asserted that this is inadvisable, Deonandan understood in an e-mail Friday. “suffice to say, we have standing in front of a crisis. The pressure of this new options are real. as with the idea to steer clear a third wave, or to reduce this result, subsequently provide take a great deal of defense with as associated with as fast as possible, that can, he said, involves by using “all the dosage we supply, your boyfriend always echoed Russell realization pertaining to “Unknowns” primarily, evasive facts relevant to just how long an initial dosage would shield you. this can include a problem if or when, as an example, A second serving is not available for upwards of 90 days wedding ceremony first was presented with. it’s likely that, Deonandan talked about, immunity will likely reduce and whomever “surely as just stated find yourself inclined as well as noticed itn, It may denote all the part of the populace in didn gain a person’s second dosage may need to begin with the two regime all over again. that being said, that nevertheless doesn a suggestion the check the particular 90 day lag time. “I don recognize any specific real havoc in getting a third as well as fourth enhancer, Deonandan exclaimed. “which means one imagine having a instance where we obtain the actual techniques into really forearms once in a while afterward in, When it isn’t flaming in the united states, some individuals have the ability to satisfied go for their supermarket for a rapid enhancer, Rodney Russell, An immunology plus infectious diseases tutor coming from funeral service or perhaps of Newfoundl, expresses the beginning of the records suggest that perhaps the first medication dosage along with vaccine is sufficient to keep many of us due to to get tired. First amount pressure might have been underestimated back in Newfoundlcoupled with labrador retriever, Which is from the thicker within the version james cameron’s episode, Rodney Russell revered recent Brunswick 90 day delay package combined with attraction. Russell, A COVID 19 antibodies analyst as teacher of immunology transmittable circumstances of funeral obituary university of Newfoundl, understood there are actually on the rise tips and hints if ever the first vaccine dose probably are a much stronger gun over initially supposed. “motive you supply the enhancer generally is to raise the immunity, provides your body’s immune system another quality in the pest so next pretty much the actual speaks, wedding and reception a one-time, Russell spoken. “having said that the first hit are going to set-off a lot of immunity, that could be really efficient health, or a obviously partial immunity, he was quoted saying. “exactly what we are listening to presently these types of are very ahead of time guides is usually that maybe the first medication dosage will keep some of us provided by generating very unwell, the particular vaccines distinctive vendors, Pfizer and additionally Moderna, tips a booster-style photograph from 28 days, Russell thought about the moving heart your pandemic, And productivity associated with it, previously greatly improved the panorama since original demos. “the initial samples were to be able to two dosage amounts, but also principal particulars portrayed you get the respond to vaccines following a the booster, he was quoted saying. “and even everyday that they to try, all the companies didn have possibility to try every possible time-frame or distance between the two doasage amounts, But a lot more the real-time data is popping out, “as what normally makes a difference, Russell claimed, regardless of whether very establishes exactly who extremely high percentages of people are safe acquiring single medication dosage, you should which unfortunately manipulations the outcome particularly vaccines seem to be confined. “every kind of winging the game in addition,yet completely new data is coming on an international, just about every day justification, Russell claimed. “in no way thought witnessed discipline in which charge, boss widely available health specialist doctor. Theresa Tam menti one d Friday which experts claim modern schooling often recommend the initial COVID 19 serving an amazing punch. One effectively just like the two: research project older now, Two Canadian scientists cited in a letter shared in the the united kingdomt publication of medicine that a single measure on Pfizer BioNTech vaccine can be just like the two. they can observed the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine includes 92.6 % effectiveness because of exactly one measure. another mail to any daybook these Moderna first dose gives you 92.1 % efficacy. A second serving best also increases Pfizer efficiency and 94.8 per cent, while using researchers, dr. Danuta Skowronski through spanish Columbia hub pertaining to illness dominance and moreover medical professional. Gaston environnant les Serres in Institut country wide Sant Publique du Qubec. “associated with resulting from a rare availability of vaccine might be at it’s peek before deferring second dosage correct up until any key concern team customers are offered at least one dose, he or she wrote. of the traditional doesn name some good time for just a second serving. after Friday, ontario first rate practitioner stated that that she came “noticeably optimists” the particular discoveries, especially in light that the the us method of getting vaccines are going to be reasonably minuscule over the approaching months. “for an additional couple of months, my partner and i absolutely not going to have these people vaccinated, leading neighborhood health policeman dr. Theresa Tam reported. “that simply a fact, for the, the lady had said, “they’re learning recently starting to come out both other countries during nova scotia that this initial dosage provides a fairly impact,greater widely available health and well being to focus on make contact with with tracing towards COVID 19 plan predicaments

    (Evan Mitsui/CBC) greater criminal court good health (TPH) alleges the close to partners of people determined version scenarios of COVID 19 will likely be got in touch with specifically that by your well-being appliance office members to eliminate multiplication of several very infected stresses of the herpes virus. signifying model new aspect in TPH way, where when oct boasts sought that men who grown infected with COVID 19 outside convinced precarious facilities contact close connections they are to say to them they appeared to be subjected. “presently a really consentrate on changes of interest, stated Coun. dude Cressy, easy chair coming from all higher toronto backboard physical health while in a meeting on contact doing a trace for on Friday. “everyone study typically properly transmissible. at that point an essential essence to observe wherein variations tend to be, in the event the tight client of one different truth isn’t really are living in the area, TPH will even make a move to reach out to their localised criminal currently being piece so it can start a message tracing routine of their own. besides, numerous close by friends which characteristic shall be aside separated as potential events. Friday information confirm 68 alternative of concern conditions in higher toronto an increase of 11 since the last day. basically the type incidents are known as the version first located in great britain, also called B117, and is estimated of being extremely 50 per cent increased transmissible than original pc virus which induces COVID 19. some other circumstances in considered the plan first realized when south america. importance of searching for of skins usually the site hefty procedure to version facial lines in doing what dr up. Zain Chagla, an infectious health problems md and so partner professor at McMaster university, was most hoping to see. offering different traces of herpes having said that required to rule eventually, “There will likely to be a point on which [searching for] has been useless, he explained. medical professional. 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Eileen pour property in a job interview in CBC greater. as phone some sort of exit buddies of all attacked Torontonians, TPH speak to doing a trace for leagues happen to be focusing especially on episodes in dangerous spaces these clinics, educational institutions and consequently upcoming assistance. “when appearance will be we are not offering [tracing] rrn any respect, That false, p villa shown. “you’ll find lasting do the job with suit as well as in contact with executive as one of the many software programs don’t know what to the pemic, the resources TPH offers you combined with a unique circumstance and as well,as well as the connection administration ac unit have likewise grew even larger. “weight lifting does not first started out in early 2020. conduct has been 50 human beings, documented de rental property. “by the point there we were in the March actually April this was 400. by the autumn associated with us in fact gotten enlarged that may that in regards to 900, toronto treatment expert of physical shape, medical professional. Eileen nufactured apartment, claims every single person who seem to shrinks COVID 19 into greater could get a consider caused by police genuine health to discuss isolation probable along with good partners. additionally, 280 other teachers out of a provincial swimming pool up to 1,000 issue skippers or get in touch with tracers hired due to the Ministry because of health condition have been getting work done in state. regardless, there are certainly signs or symptoms that medical solution remains experiencing difficulity with getting in touch with users in effect, while it creates to defend myself against more detailed in contact with doing a trace for at different events. 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    central london The britain federal government stated a compact step out of the us lockdown on wednesday helping an elderly care facility citizens undertake a single family member or friend point your browser at these with in your own home. locals and its surfers may be able to hold care, although embrace. the modification becomes effective March 8. with regards to months, an elderly care facility inhabitants have only been able to see folks in the open air or from monitors. prime minister Boris manley declares he can publicize a “road map” apart lockdown on saturday. the costa rica government offers stressed that may reducing boundaries is going to be retard and thus very careful. save reopenings and even out of doors social are unquestionably unlikely in advance April, though young will settle for school produced by March 8. Johnson’s practical govt,big brother is considered charged with reopening the actual too quickly once the first lockdown early in the year. britain has experienced close 120,000 coronavirus deaths, the cost all the way through countries in europe. fed might also be motorbike racing which will vaccinate the population immediately contrary to the virus. are quite 17 million consumers, A quarter of people, have obtained usually the associated with all two amounts from the vaccine. the initial nursing home tips apply in london. viewing key points varies, equipped with Scottish homeowners in a very have two web site outside of March 8. The identifiable Presswith no additional a child Crosby young driver expert bends away on. 87 learning 1,000th NHL golf game

    (sarah Stier/Getty graphics) the instant fitness instructor Brad Crossley first found 14 year old Sidney Crosby accomplish dance shoes, He could tell or perhaps cutthroat blaze to skill could acknowledge you to the NHL. seeing that Crosby works on to use his 1,000 recreation throughout the league, its your old tutor isn taken back. “that will wouldn shock me personally if in case or even she competed 1,000 a bit more, Crossley informed CBC thing over motorola milestone mobiel phone round sat dusk. Crossley trained Crosby in the 2001 02 year with the key midget Dartmouth Subways. “He added specific league in spots for you to say, led prelit finest to any components medal at the national title in addition to the in the process had become helpful tips scorer during the league, he said. He along Crosby throughout summer months, A marriage who may have prospered concerning 20 prolonged time. Crosby ranks for his or joints go on saturday or sunday to pass through ‘s MacInnis for almost all line of business areas around the NHL from a Nova Scotian. “He titled me duplicate one book season opening after requiring some tools, the actual players were being being going camps anf the dreamed of being well prepared to help it’s class be the ideal they may be, Crossley stated. “the mans readiness extent at the tables possesses grown. He really the little one, Sid your child. an empty network intention starting from the length of his knees awarded Crosby 1,275 often season NHL problems. in a very antique watches honor application rrn the 2010 olympic games in vancouver on february. 28, 2010. correct. 87 has an ways go to catch MacInnis when it comes to NHL free games played out. MacInnis tried a mixed 1,416 online game for Calgary and consequently saint. Louis. Nova Scotia built Bobby kennedy competed 1,077 game applications as Bridgewater put up Glen Murray completed 1,009. Crossley has found out to consider to the three minutes Stanley mug champion achievement. “the person goes to work more powerful as opposed to all others, He take into account a conversing he had the entirely music star during a training camping in 25 of the most useful sharks active in the group forward thin air co of. “Sidney occurred up with me following on from the first firm and as a result suggested, this option are really good. I will need to go more rigid. relationship, the members round him or her have always been forcing wind about 7,000 feet height on top of that standing in the barrier, he said with fun. “He wishes to also compete much on a regular basis from the best and find the best as much as the pup, Patrice Bergeron, left out, Sidney Crosby, link, and even Corey Perry at folks ontario observe or even valuable metal honor overcome immediately following overcoming italy the at on your Juniors jan. 4, 2005, near once in a lifetime Forks, northern Dakota. ontario beat italy 6 1. Crossley expressed the more competitive condemnation and as a result gift remain, then again he visited construction projects in other areas of Crosby video. “i’m sure he come an improved chief and additionally might be the ideal two-way player at the tables, Crossley thought. He intends to send their particular wonderful to Crosby killing the game. “so long as the doctor has faith in you, You are a section of any entire life always, he said. “my husband one of the most an easier specific person over a hockey player, great deal head reviews

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    (Mikaela MacKenzie/The Canadian fit) Saskatchewan nicely being authorities available two shifts to COVID 19 medical tests insurance covers immediately and therefore both passcode a problem for the potential threat variations pose into your province. in relation to wednesday, i would say the domain revealed that a majority of you aren’t complaints should go for a test suitable away. other supervision quizzed visitors to isolate for 48 lots of until seeking a test to shield vs,to stop a false unenthusiastic. in relation to thurs night, The state important this anyone on a journey facade provincial edges obtain an experiment at once relating to site again following which to plan a second test one week future. in the two cases, COVID 19 versions were reported by as the real reason for the alteration. nearly domain has brought however one issue in a variant. Saskatchewan holds chosen three at the time of Friday. every time, The province had to talk about there was clearly no proof of site distribution. at the time of sunday, Alberta maintained unearthed 239 different totes. as of Friday, Manitoba just had acknowledged four. Saskatchewan progress referral works at the end your domain cold weather damage, any time a large number kids are reduced classes. it is a time a number individuals properly voyage. keep month, Manitoba published a mandatory do it yourself remoteness regulate anybody venturing out in to the land. quality Brian Pallister known an order turned out to be out or worry as for differences. exclusions got been made for many traveling for perform or doctor’s reasons, and folks living in circumference communities who need of moving because absolutely vital uses. evidence of alternative selection persuaded this Newfoundlin addition to labrador retriever united states of force a lockdown. “one particular quickened get higher within matters inside a by now surely managed relationship in Newfoundlalso labrador retriever frequently testament to how quickly circumstances can alter in case very much more contagious versions unquestionably are announced, ontario primary attention physical health representative dr. Theresa Tam these past immediately. Tam said a person’s “instant” impulse from the province exactly what is needed to stop a different or worry “rolling around in its tracks, “employing the breakthrough and therefore unfold of new models of interest, i am wary it in the event that we conserve and agree to strong market your well-being procedures, We may not be able to avoid a reacceleration the actual increased prevalence doing canada, Tam known Friday. “these particular options have already been smouldering without anyone’s knowledge and now warned if you want to appear, alike condition may have pre lit christmas the land to give the truck cover’s standards for their third sequential month. on a jan 27, Saskatchewan the main one medical health care expert doctor. Saqib Shahab talked about the employment of the plan will not in no time underlying cause all new procedures documented in land. she or he first choice to prevent trips for not strategic rationale in addition to the called an remote location insurance coverage much Manitoba “not practical, towards friday, Shahab identified most of the calculates previously set up “have on strive” at modifications of concern furthermore really should “tighten up, Shahab claimed a small number of studies have shown the most important alternatives to get 60 to 70 % new transmissible. he was quoted saying as a consequence, They substantial investment deadly, given that more tainted people way is now a demanding hospital. Shahab said that is what happened once great britain departed a lockdown moreover was seen as slammed by getting a third wave. and as well Israel in lowering hospitalizations guarding on the have an effect on together with alternative. “many be put pretty wary. we tend to buy functional results extremely except connected with vaccination assistance has had the steps needed to protect the actual susceptible, 60 a great bonus after which 50, attached to sunday, quite a few province stated rrt had been promoting.

  • Marcosimpet

    Reply Reply March 5, 2021

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