My prvate coaching facility is opening in early 2013. It will be located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I’m 20 minutes from everywhere it seems – Coolum Beach, airport, shopping centres etc. But the facility is isolated, so there’s no interruptions as we get to work. Here’s just some of what you’ll get with me;

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  • Private coaching. It’s one on one. This is the best way to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Absolutely no distractions – phone, other people, noise are not a problem
  • Extended learning sessions. 30 minutes is not enough. All coaching sessions go for a minimum of 90 minutes. It’s full on, but with plenty of breaks in between.
  • I take the time to understand your goals and game. Because I’m not obsessed with swing theory I’m not going to hook you up with swing drills and exercises. I’m going to take the time to understand your golf and history. From here the magic can start.
  • Follow-up. You’ll be treated like a valued customer with regular follow-up and discussion. You’re not a number – your serious about your golf and I’m dedicated to helping you.
  • Play golf. There’s more to golf than just the swing (I know, I’m repeating myself but it’s an important point to get across), that’s why I’ll be offering a “play golf” component to my coaching. We can chat, spend time on the fairway and then finish the day with some real golf. There’s almost no better way to maximise your learning.
  • All areas of the game will be covered. I’m almost obsessive about the short game. This is why I’ll put your chipping and pitching through their paces. My plan is to have a dedicated short-game area, including bunkers.
  • Plenty of time for discussion. My coaching style is all about the experience, it’s not a production line where pupils come and go quickly. We take our time and discuss your golf, the learning and your questions throughout the day. There will be time for a drink (beer if you wish) and a bite to eat. You simply can’t rush the learning process.
  • You’re encouraged to make mistakes. This is important. Mistakes are good. Most teachers see mistakes as a bad thing but not me. Mistakes help is learn and when you can accept this you’ll have the freedom to play without fear. This is the most important aspect of my coaching style.
  • You’ll be encouraged to break some rules. Not only is this fun, but by truly exploring what is possible,  can you experience your ultimate playing potential. This may include throwing clubs, taking divots and getting mad.
  • You’ll be pushed hard. It’s not bootcamp, but I’m dedicated to getting you to break the cycle of poor scores and frustration – so I may have to push you hard. There’s nothing to be scared of and I’m convinced you’ll treasure the experience.
  • There’s no rule book. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m NOT a fan of traditional methods. Not one little bit. As far as I’m concerned, traditional golf coaching can take a walk. There’s no rule book with me. Relax, be yourself and don’t be scared to learn and you’ll do just fine.

The main goal is to provide a place where you’re not afraid to fail. This is important because until you can let go, relax and play golf in a way that’s important to you, you’ll never make a meaningful breakthrough. Most instructors won’t go this deep. Ever. But I’m different and I want you to have a remarkable experience.

Is this for you?

This is a relatively short article and I’m under no illusion that I’m going to change your perception of golf. Let’s face it. It’s a conservative game played by conservative people. But I am hoping to get under your skin a little – to get you to think that you’re capable of more.

Hopefully you’ll ask yourself some hard questions about why you’re not playing the way you should. Maybe you’ll question the way you’ve been playing golf. Hopefully you’ll question traditional teaching methods. And just maybe you’ll question whether this Cameron Strachan guy can help you.

If you ask these questions then I think I’ve done my job. My coaching isn’t for everyone – it can’t be. I’m only one small voice in the big bad world of golf. Traditional instruction has been around for 100 years and it’s unlikely to change anytime soon. I can only coach one person at a time, so I’m not under any illusion the whole golf world will beat a path to my door. But…

… just maybe you’re fed up and you want something different. Let me show you how I can help you.

My facility isn’t quite ready yet. I’m moving in early January 2013 and hopefully will be good to go by February/March. I’ve decided to create a list of interested golfers who MAY want some coaching from me. There is absolutely no obligation to take the next step, by filling in your details below you’re simply putting your hand up to say you’re interested.

I’ll then send you more information about my services – the price, format and packages on offer etc. If you have any other questions please contact me here. Fill in the form to indicate your interest.

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