Why you don’t play well all of the time

You probably already know this: most golfers fail because when they
play they’re thinking too much about their swing. They’re thinking
and not playing golf.

Thinkers worry about their grip, stance, swing, score, playing
partners and what people are thinking about them.

It’s all pretty boring and totally ineffective.

The sad thing is most of us fall into this trap. And it’s the
number one reason why you can’t play better golf. The more you want
to play well, the more your brain goes into overdrive.

But it’s not a matter of just thinking less. The mind is a powerful
tool and it’s actually not possible to stop thinking. Our minds
never stop.

The skill that stops you from playing great golf is knowing how to
control your mind when you’re under the pump. When you learn to
control your thoughts and emotions something amazing happens.

You play free from fear and doubt. And it gets better too.

You actually start playing with passion and enthusiasm. For a long
time I’ve been calling this Remarkable Golf – and RG is when you’re
in the ideal state of mind; the game seems easy and things may even
appear to be in slow motion.

It almost seems like magic and you wonder why you ever thought the
game was so hard.

Almost every golfer I know has experienced Remarkable Golf

– their best ever score
– a 300 metre drive
– a chip in from an impossible spot
– breaking par for nine holes
– sinking that long putt to win the money

But it rarely lasts. One minute you’re playing the best golf of
your life and the next you feel like a rank beginner.

It totally sucks!

And it makes golf addictive (because we’re always chasing the
magic) but incredibly frustrating at the same time.

So how do you maximise the chances of playing Remarkable Golf?

How do you learn to play with passion and enthusiasm?

How can you stop your mind from ruining your score?

You’ll get the answers to these questions – and many more – at my
Golf Learning Workshop in Melbourne.

To help me explain why Remarkable Golf is not only possible but
much easier than what you’re doing right now, I’ve got Scott Barrow
to help me.

You’ve probably not heard of Scott, but I think he’s one of
Australia’s best coaches. He’s my personal coach and knows more
about learning, performance and success than just about any coach
I’ve met.

But this is not why I’ve asked him to speak.

I invited him because a) he is an extremely good speaker b) he
knows the inner game incredibly well and understands how to control
the mind when it’s under pressure.

He also has this knack of digging deep and helping you break
through barriers that are holding you back. He gets results.

The fact is that all of the worry, panic and over thinking has not
been helping you play golf to your potential. It’s holding you
back. You must learn to get in control of your thoughts and Scott
(and me) will show you how.

When you come, you’re going to learn all sorts of things that will
ignite your enthusiasm and make golf more rewarding than it is now.

Click here to reserve one of 6 remaining spots.

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