Is this the worst score?

Hearing about Kevin Na taking 16 shots on one hole brought back some memories for me.

Last year it took me 12 hits to complete the 18th hole during the Club Championships. I still don’t know it happened and it all but ruined my chances of defending the title.

It goes to show that even golf pros (or scratch markers) can lose the plot every now and then. It’s a tough sport and if things go a little awry they can sometimes turn ugly.

The thing to take away from Kevin Na is that it appeared he got on with the show. He played a flawless back nine and didn’t let the situation absolutely destroy his confidence. It’s really all you can do anyway. A bad hole doesn’t mean you’ve lost your skill and ability.

I also note that Rory Mcilroy got back to “playing golf” after his Masters mishap. The commentators seemed a little surprised but there’s no reason why you can’t play well after a bad shot, hole or round. It’s all in your mindset and attitude.

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  • Gregor

    Reply Reply April 15, 2011

    it’s amazing that even top pro’s can make such a mess of a hole. I suppose after a bad shot some form of panic sets in when the reality of a big number is faced.
    I remember what you told me when we played about altering your game plan so you don’t get into more and more trouble. I suppose you have to stand back, think about what a good score might now be for the hole and then play out in the safest way to achieve that score. Even if the best you think you can do is now double bogey. At least you have re-set your expectations.
    ps I like your post about practising in the house. I think I need that.

  • Grayden Provis

    Reply Reply April 15, 2011

    Nuclear powerplant meltdown. Thats a problem.
    Tsunamis. They’re a problem.
    Earthquakes, civil war, famine, floods and Ebola virus. They’re definitely problems.
    16 shots on a golf hole? Meh. We can live with it.

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply April 18, 2011

    Agree – sometimes we take our golf a little bit too seriously. I’m more than guilty of this. Thanks for some perspective.

  • Cameron

    Reply Reply April 18, 2011

    Hi Gregor, thanks for posting. Looks like I’ll be coming back later in the year.

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