You wouldn’t believe it…

The 40th birthday bash went well on Saturday night. A lot of fun and quite a few sore heads on the golf course Sunday.

Back to Thursday night: We had some Melbourne friends over to visit and check out the Golf Farm. The Robersons are super keen golfers and quickly arranged a competition from my little 85 metre par 3 hole.

Me: If any of you blokes have a hole in one there’ll be trouble. I’ve had 3000 shots from this spot and haven’t managed to jag one yet.

I set the mark nice and high early. My very first shot finished close, around 3 feet, and was sure that was going to be good enough for victory. Senior Roberson got his eye in quickly, his 2nd and 3rd shots were good, but his 4th was even better…

… it cleared the tree and was drawn back in line with the flag. When it landed a few feet short of the pin I said, “That’s going in”.

And it did. The ball dropped into the hole and Senior did a little dance.

Me: That’s it! You guys can go home. Don’t expect you can come here and start showing off.

Senior Roberson was all smiles, especially because his scratch marker Son, Junior, was relegated to 3rd position.

Senior hole in one

Senior makes a hole in one

Last night Adam (aka Chompy) and I were hitting some balls to kill time. We had an impromptu lesson while discussing the preceding night’s events. Chompy was struggling – I got him to focus on the feel of the swing and become aware of the club through impact. It had an immediate effect.

Next ball landed in line with the flag and went in. Chompy’s shot was a carbon copy of Senior’s.

Me: I don’t believe this. I hope you don’t want a lift to the airport…

Chompy: Bad luck Champ – maybe you should practise a bit more…

Chompy's hole in one

Chompy’s hole in one

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