On the following pages I’m going to share with you some simple ideas that you can use right away to improve your swing. They come to you based on a major biomechanical study – but the complexity has been removed. The ideas are presented in “golf speak” so you won’t get bogged down with mindless theory. Enjoy.

1. Grip: The golf grip is a fundamental but it is not the most important thing. If you spend too much time thinking about your golf grip, then you’re wasting your time.
The absolute main thing your grip needs to achieve is allowing you to swing with SPEED.

Speed makes playing good golf possible. It allows you to apply power to the back of the ball. Power makes the game more enjoyable and definitely strokes your ego.

And don’t think I’m saying you need to swing the club with the speed of a golf professional. No way. You need to grip the club in a way that feels right to YOU.

So stop worrying about how many knuckles you can see, whether you use an overlapping or interlocking grip or how hard you hold the handle. Here are the only two things you need to worry about.

a. Grip the club across the base of your trailing hand.
b. Keep your hands close together

2. Stance: To be honest there’s been way too much written about the stance. While it’s true you need to stand squarely to the target, you don’t need to be too preoccupied with being perfectly square. Your system is more than capable of making minor adjustments.

The main thing with your stance is to get comfortable. Comfort is the deciding factor and allows you to make a swing that feels good to you. I see too many golfers fidget and fumble while trying to set up to the ball in a way that’s simply not possible for them. So get comfortable and get pointed roughly towards the target and your golf stance is fine.

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