This is important. It will also sound obvious and you may think you already do it. I’m willing to bet you don’t so please read carefully and apply.

When you throw a ball to someone what are you focused on? I’m willing to bet that you’re not thinking about your elbow, wrist or what the person will think if you stuff up. You’re focused on throwing the ball to the target. Period.

And most of us can throw OK. We may not be playing professional baseball or cricket, but it’s something we can do when required and it’s not going to cost us any sleep. And here’s the kicker…

… because we’re not worried about our throwing technique our subconscious is free to perform the skill. This is exactly how we’re designed to function. Subconscious performance makes these boring tasks automatic – so we can do them time after time. In fact, once we learn a skill it’s almost impossible to “unlearn” them. We have an inbuilt safety mechanism that resists any change once the skill is automatic. This makes sense because imagine our life if all of a sudden you forgot how to walk. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Subconscious performance is your learning secret. Learn to perform skills automatically and you pretty much get your “ideal” swing each time. Your system knows no other way. There’s a few things to consider here;

1. This is why the pros are able to hit such consistent shots. They play automatically (despite what they think or their coaches tell you) and make the game look so easy.

2. It requires less energy and stress to play well. Your conscious/analytical mind is left out of the execution, this takes less energy. Can you imagine how hard it would be to drive across town trying to consciously control each movement? It would be exhausting but it’s how most of us play.

3. I’m not guaranteeing perfect golf all of the time. There is no such thing and golf is more than just your swing/technique. Luck, course management and mental factors come into play.

4. Automatic learning is the key to playing under pressure. While most can have some success on the practice fairway, once we step onto the 1st tee the pressure strikes. With an automatic game we bypass the perceived pressure – if anything we can play better as we have heightened awareness and concentration. This is why the best players in the world can do some crazy things when the heat is on.

With automatic learning you increase your chances of achieving “remarkable golf”. Remarkable could be,

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  • Your best score or a run of brilliant holes
  • An incredible shot – something you didn’t think you were capable of doing
  • More confidence and less fear
  • A great performance under pressure

These remarkable events are nothing more than you playing to your potential. And they can only happen when you allow your subconscious to do what it does best.

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