Breaking free from golf score

I think I’m so focused on results…that I never truly enjoy the game. What if I played just one game without worrying about score? I’ll still take it, but I won’t become defined by it. What if I just play for fun? Just for one game and see how it goes? Don’t care what the…

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The writer’s secret

golf and writing

Great writers write first and edit later. The poor ones think too much and keep getting writer’s block. And it’s hard to keep writing when you know there’s an odd spelling mistake or some other issue. But the writer keeps on trucking. They write. And edit later. I’ll be forever grateful to my mentor for…

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A super simple golf lesson

Here’s a really super simple golf lesson I gave a few years back. It still sticks in my mind as one of my best. And it was absolutely needed at the time, because this poor golfer was being overloaded with too many thoughts and ideas. She was getting down on herself because she had lost…

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Technical golfer issue

technical golfer

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve heard a technical golfer something like this: I like the idea of Automatic Golf but I’m a technical golfer. I like to think about my golf swing when I play. The vast majority of my clients are professionals (I call them “accountant” types). They just like…

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[Part 2] Going Deeper

The other day I wrote about going deeper with your golf game. Here’s the follow up response from a golfer who is making huge inroads along the improvement process. I now know why I play. I play for the imperfectable nature that is the game of golf. It intrigues me deeply that no matter how…

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My golf pro confused me

After about the 17th excellent shot in a row my client turned to me and said, “You make golf so much easier and simple. I no longer have to think about swinging the club on a 37.5 degree plane”. “What do you mean 37.5 degrees?”, was my instant reply. “Well, my last golf teacher put…

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The biggest problems with traditional golf coaching

Here’s an interesting conversation I had with Evan on the main problems with traditional golf coaching. This happened a few years back but the message is still relevant. Evan: So what are the biggest problems with traditional golf coaching? Cameron: How long have you got? Here’s one of the most serious issues I see. Almost…

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Some truths about golf learning 

If you’re thinking about changing your golf swing or reworking your golf swing then please watch the video below. Sean O’Hair makes some excellent points about learning and improving. The big thing here is that it’s often too easy to listen to others and place to much emphasis on what these people say. No matter how…

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