The important stuff when you play golf …

… is to focus on the job at hand. I call this playing the game.

You pick a clearly defined target.

You choose the club that will be do the job.

You swing freely.

Accept result.


It’s pretty simple stuff. I should add: that a lot goes into making golf this simple, but when it comes to entering the arena, you really must strive to make things as uncluttered as can be.

I’ve just watched the highlights of the 2013 Women’s US Open and was very impressed by Inbee Park. I might have been under a rock, but Park has seemingly come from nowhere to win the first 3 majors and six titles in all this year. She’s also ranked #1 in the world (and rightly so). She could be the first professional golfer to win four consecutive majors in the one year if she wins at St. Andrews later in the year. Amazing stuff.

I doubt Inbee’s swing will ever be considered a classic. It’s unlikely golf coaches will consider her golf swing to be something to copy. She has an unorthodox swing, but I like it. It flows, and it’s a simple throwing motion that she can repeat. And to me, this is all that matters because worrying about your golf swing (especially when there’s a scorecard in your back pocket) is a waste of time. But she can obviously play the game and highlights the fact that the search for a “perfect” swing is not everything. Sometimes you’ve got to craft out your own style and go with that.


Playing the game is most important

Playing the game is most important


This sums up golf to me. If you’re interested in shooting the best score possible then you should get busy playing the game. If you focus too much on your swing, then you have little chance. Playing the game is all that matters, the golf swing takes care of itself. Sadly, there are far too many golfers (and coaches) who have this the other way around.

And it’s not just swing and technique that golfers like to worry about. Here’s a few more things:

– handicap
– what others are thinking
– the trouble spots
– what they did last shot/week/month/year
– how to hit the ball further
– their golf clubs
– weather
– the golf course

References: If you’re serious about playing the game and want my best information on how to do so, then please check out my Simple Golf Improvement System.

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  • Sanj

    Reply Reply July 2, 2013


    Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    I seriously chuckle to myself when mates play bad shots and then blame alignment, grip, head moving etc… especially when you see them taking their shot and it seems like an age before they hit the ball as they are thinking about a gazillion things in their head.

    I feel like screaming “hit the damn thing”, “accept the result” and walk to your next shot/challenge.

    Post analysis of people’s rounds are real funny as well. Admittedly I sort of was like that… but I’ve seen the light!!!!

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply July 2, 2013

      I’ve been chuckling at golfers for a while now 🙂 But I was definitely on the other side for a very long time…

  • Adam

    Reply Reply July 2, 2013

    My swing is ugly but it works. The fact that i can strike the ball consistently in the middle is proof that a golf swing doesnt need to be so called perfect. My swing is ugly yet i hit dead straight with irons and with a medium fade with woods. Simple.

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