The Truth About Automatic Golf

Steady’s Dilemma is a problem for many golfers and it’s most likely holding you back.

So what is it?

Steady’s Dilemma hit me in the face when I gave a personal golf lesson to John (Steady) Stead. Steady is a regular contributor to the blog and has been a long time customer. But his golf lesson this day wasn’t going so well.

He was all over the place. He was thinking way too much and generally getting in his own way. This is never a good thing and will result in horrible golf. And I know you know this, but the issue is Steady knew it too.

But he was lost, despite knowing what he should (and shouldn’t) be doing.

He was frustrated and so was I – how could he be struggling so badly?

The answer came to me a while later and it has to do with the adult mind. Basically, we can’t leave well enough alone. Our pesky mind is always thinking and trying to work out right from wrong. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking ruins a motor skill like a golf swing – totally destroys it.

John had gotten some terrific results with Automatic Golf – but his success led him down the path of over analysing and trying to copy his best effort. I had to slap him around a bit and highlighted the
fundamentals of the automatic process – to be honest, I had to push him hard to get away from the bad thinking.

It took a while, but Steady got it. Later that year he shot an incredible score of 51 stableford points. Since then he has been able to help golfers from all over and realises that most of his
poor golf comes from when he gets away from the automatic process – but he snaps back pretty well and is some sort of AG pinup boy.

Steady’s Dilemma is common. Most golfers get a jolt of confidence when they first apply it (to be honest, it rarely fails when done correctly because it’s based on HOW we SHOULD perform
skills) but somewhere along the way they fall off the wagon. Why?

I think it’s human nature. Steady’s Dilemma is part of the learning process and when you recognise it you’ll take a massive step in the correct direction. You will never be totally free of poor golf, but you can recognise the warning signs much more quickly and get back on track. This is certainly way better than the alternative.

It’s also real – there’s no false promises or excessive hype. Golf is a hard sport and quick-fix miracles are not possible. Automatic Golf offers a viable alternative for frustrated and disastisfied golfers. It’s the truth of learning.

And what’s the best way to avoid the hassle of Steady’s Dilemma?

Apply the full principles of automatic golf that are laid out in my book, The Golfer’s Nightmare. Yes, that is a blatant plug but the book gives you the full story.

I give away a tonne of free content (some say too much) but my book gives you insight/ideas/concepts that are not contained anywhere else. Plus, it’s more than a book – you also get instant access to videos, case studies and solutions to common issues (Steady’s Dilemma is just one).

As of today you can also get a premium version that contains all of the video from my Golf Mastery Workshop – this footage is some of the best I’ve ever seen in relation to golf learning and is
ideal for the serious golfer.

If you’ve had some success with Automatic Golf but have drifted off the radar or you can appreciate the concepts outlined but need more, then I’m positive my Golfer’s Nightmare book will help you.

Go here now to get your copy today:

Golfers Nightmare Book Page

There’s multiple versions available, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to get the full picture.

Thanks for reading,


P.S If you already own a copy of the book but are interested on the seminar videos, please contact me and we can sort something out.

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  • Steady

    Reply Reply February 1, 2013

    Hi Cam
    Very interesting points. Especially about knowing what to do and
    Still at times not doing it.
    In all the experiences I have had I have come to realise that I play my best
    Golf when relaxed and knowing if I stick to my rod and staff ( routine)
    Is when things happen.
    I have our club champs on the next 2 weekends. Not expecting anything
    Great or anything out of the ordinary. Yes the course will be bearing its teeth
    With fast greens and tricky pin placements in saying that I’ll just go out and enjoy
    The ride fast, bumpy, frustrating or just plain sweet. Not bothered just love at my best
    When the best is thrown at me.
    I hope this helps Golfers who struggle,you will arrive at point in your golf game where
    You end JUST PLAYING THE GAME the way it should be played fun, enjoyment and
    Fresh air . Be self conscious ( Be in the moment)but not worry how you look.
    Ta Steady

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply February 1, 2013

      Steady: It’s ok to want to do well – you’re human and it is very normal to want to achieve. The water gets muddy when “winning” or “achieving” gets in the way of all else. Sometimes the pressure of competition makes us behave badly. A skill that I need to work on is to be very accepting of the result and move on quickly.

      Sometimes we just try too damn hard and stuff up – this is ok too coz some valuable lessons can be learned.

      Play well. But be accepting of the result is the message here….

  • Steady

    Reply Reply February 2, 2013

    Had 82 net 73 ccr 74 back down to 8 handicap. I had 45 for the front
    9 and 37 on the back 9 . What I found interesting was being absorbed almost
    Addicted to getting in the bubble and playing. To be honest I didn’t play to bad on the
    Front nine just scored bad.
    Let you know about the 2nd round of the champs.
    Ta Steady

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply February 2, 2013

      Steady: Great stuff. The big thing here is you didn’t let a bad scoring nine get in the way. There are times when you can play great but not score too well – this is golf. Well done on NOT changing and on continuing on your mission. It’s a tough step but I reckon you learned more today in a while…

      Please add your thoughts

  • Steady

    Reply Reply February 3, 2013

    Had a net 75 today ccr 74.
    Difficult conditions however stuck to it good or bad.
    Moving day next Saturday looking forward to it
    Ta Steady

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply February 3, 2013

      Good work Steady – often success is not about brilliant scores but playing YOUR game well. Others will get in their own way and stuff about. Great performance is done in the moment without too much thought or panic. Keep up the good work.

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