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The golf swing mechanics that have been derived from scientific testing and research.

Fade, Draw and Straight shots with one really simple swing

I’ve been using the Swing Trainer quite a lot lately. Not sure why I went off it, but I’m now using it more and more because it’s such a simple way to learn a consistent golf. And I’ve made a huge realisation over the last few days that it’s actually possible to hit draws, fades…

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My golf pro confused me

After about the 17th excellent shot in a row my client turned to me and said, “You make golf so much easier and simple. I no longer have to think about swinging the club on a 37.5 degree plane”. “What do you mean 37.5 degrees?”, was my instant reply. “Well, my last golf teacher put…

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The Gear Effect

Here at GolfGooRoo Global Headquarters I often get accused of not caring much about swing mechanics. This is not the case … … I just think that we tend to place too much significance on the swing and not enough on actually playing the game. Here’s a simple swing drill that ticks a lot of…

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A funny little shot

The below video shows me attempting a shot from water. The ball was completely submerged and surrounded by mud. To complicate matters my backswing was impeded by the wall and I couldn’t quite get in the right position. The trick here was not to panic – I went through the automatic process and committed to…

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Consistent golf is not what’s it’s cracked up to be

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get asked about how to play consistent golf. At first thought it sounds like a fair request. After all, it makes sense to be able to play consistently since everyone is trying to do the same. With further reflection I think that trying to play consistently is…

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Fear of failure is a waste

Fear of failure is a waste. It’s a waste of energy and a waste of time. Why? Because the absolute worst thing that can happen to you on the golf course is a bad score. Not good but not that bad either. If you play badly you’re not going to be sacked by your golf…

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A small change that can make the world of difference!

A few years back I discovered that using slightly larger grips had a positive affect on my game. Not only did these bigger grips feel better but they allowed me to swing more confidently and freely. Thin grips can be hard to hold – especially if you have big hands or a bit of arthritis.…

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Three Killer Scientific Golf Swing Secrets

Golfers like to work on their swing and search for the ‘secret’ or golf tip that can help them improve. Although I’m not a big fan of quick tips or jumping around looking for a miracle cure, correct golf mechanics are important. There is so much contradiction available in the golf world that it can…

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